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Regular Season Champions

Year Division A Division B Division C Division D
2023 Boca Nooners Scarpazza Homes Riverhead Brewing FC JKL Rangers
2022 Hotfire Portsmouth Celtic FC Advantage Pools and Home Riverhead Brewing FC
2021 Limestone City FC Cataraqui II Valhalla JKL Rangers
2020 The 2020 outdoor season was cancelled due to COVID-19.
2019 Limestone City FC Cataraqui II Cataraqui III Tekenos-Levy Law
2018 Limestone City FC The Keg FC Valhalla II Independent FC
2017 Portugese Benfica Cataraqui II CFB Kingston Cataraqui III
2016 Boca Nooners Advantages Pools and Home Remax United CFB Kingston
2015 Kingston Hot Fire The Keg FC Cancoil Benfica Remax United
2014 Portuguese Benfica Portsmouth Celtic FC Azores Eagles SC Barr Homes FC
2013 Soccer Plus FC Glenhaven United Overtime FC
2012 Soccer Plus FC Cancoil Benfica JKL Rangers
2011 AS Roma Valhalla Cancoil Benfica KPFC
2010 Soccer Plus FC Glenhaven United Valhalla Napanee
2009 Fall The Keg/SGPS United Brandees I
2009 AS Roma The Keg FC Pilot House Nooners Portsmouth Celtic FC
2008 Brass Hammers Vita Inter SC Bentley Windows LCFC II KPFC
2007 Fever Cataraqui II Valhalla
2006 Soccer Post Arsenal FC Sleep Factory United Cataraqui III
2005 Fever El Salvador Sleep Factory United
2004 Rangers I Kelsey's Peel Pub
2003 Portuguese Benfica Queen's Inn Cataraqui II
2002 SH Juventus <> * Cataraqui II
2001 SH Juventus Cocamo Nooners Benfica OT
2000 SH Juventus Queen's Inn Benfica OT
Year Division A/K Division B Division O/C Division M
2019-20 The indoor season for 2019-20 was not completed due to COVID-19.
2018-19 KickCapital Inter Sicilia Cintas
2017-18 Advantage Pools and Home The Keg Steakhouse Sousa Ready Mix
2016-17 Boca Nooners The Keg FC Portuguese Benfica Cintas Jedi Masters
2015-16 Boca Nooners Westend Dental Sousa Ready Mix
2014-15 Portuguese Benfica Westend Dental AS Roma Sr
2013-14 St Lawrence College Sousa Ready Mix
2012-13 There was no indoor season for 2012-13.
2011-12 There was no indoor season for 2011-12.
2010-11 Portuguese Benfica Cancoil Benfica Valhalla
2009-10 Bridal Creations The Keg FC Coffey’s FC Porto
2008-09 Triple Crowns Cancoil Benfica FC Porto
2007-08 Estudiantes de la Jeugo Cancoil Benfica SLC Alumni & Leftovers Sousa Ready Mix
2006-07 Portuguese Benfica Grizzly's Stoney's
2005-06 Red Star Belleville Hellenics
2004-05 Soccer Post Stoney's
2003-04 Aberdeen Belleville

For Outdoor records earlier than 2000, please see the GKSSA history archive.

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