Greater Kingston Senior Soccer Association - 2001 Outdoor Archives

Playoff Winners

A Division   SH Juventus   [A Division Playoff results]

B Division   Kelsey’s   [B Division Playoff results]

C Division   Cataraqui III   [C Division Playoff results]

Regular Season Champions

A Division   SH Juventus   [SH Juventus' schedule]

B Division   Cocamo Nooners   [Cocamo Nooners' schedule]

C Division   Benfica OT   [Benfica OT's schedule]

Most Valuable Players

A Division
Mark Allen, Italia

B Division
Richard Prinsen, Cocamo Nooners

C Division
Peter Boyle, Cataraqui II

Cup Winning Teams

President’s Cup   Benfica   [President’s Cup match results]

Nathalie Cave Cup   Cataraqui II   [Nathalie Cave Cup match results]

Fair Play Award

Cocamo Nooners, B Division

Custom Schedules

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Division A

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