Welcome to the GKSSA 2016-17 Indoor Season!

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2016-17 Indoor Regular Season Champions

Portuguese Benfica

Division O League Champions

Congratulations to Portuguese Benfica for winning the regular season in Division O with 36 points. Portuguese Benfica finished with an undefeated 12-0-0 record.

>O Portuguese Benfica’s regular season games

Boca Nooners

Division A League Champions

Congratulations to Boca Nooners for winning the regular season in Division A with 9 points. Kingston Hot Fire had the same 3-0-1 record, but Boca Nooners won the head-to-head comparision.

>A Boca Nooners’s regular season games

The Keg FC

Division B League Champions

Congratulations to The Keg FC for winning the regular season in Division B with 18 points. Remax United finished with an identical 6-0-1 record, but The Keg FC won the head-to-head comparison.

>B The Keg FC’s regular season games

Cintas Jedi Masters

Division M League Champions

Congratulations to Cintas Jedi Masters for winning the regular season in Division M with 48 points. They finished a point ahead of Sousa Ready Mix with a 13-2-1 record.

>M Cintas Jedi Masters’s regular season games