Welcome to the GKSSA 2018-19 Indoor Season!

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upcoming Tiering of Divisions

The A and B Divisions, in order to play schedules that are as balanced as possible, are both being tiered after once through all teams.

The A Division will play seven matches, then split into two tiers of four. The top four will play once through, then have semi-final and final playoff rounds for positions 1-4. The bottom four will mirror the top four and play off for positions 5-8.

The B Division will play nine matches, then split in a top tier of four and a bottom tier of six. The top four will play a round robin for position 1-4. The bottom six will split into two divisions of three which will play off against each other for positions 5-10.

These games are listed in the schedule for each division, with the positions listed in the schedule being those at the end of the first round robin. As each position is set, team names will be filled in.

Players Looking for Teams

As a courtesy to player hopefuls and teams looking for players, the GKSSA maintains a publicly accessible Google Drive spreadsheet with information about players looking for teams in the first tab, and teams looking for players in the second tab (tabs are at the bottom of the spreadsheet window).

Any players that want to be added to this list should fill out this form.

Reminders for the KTI Dome

Your team’s cooperation for responsible use of the Kingston Thousands Islands Sportsplex is appreciated and required for our continued use of the facility. Remember…

  • Our field bookings start on the hour. If you are early, do not enter a field until our time starts, even if the field is empty. The first half of each game shall finish at 30 minutes after the hour and the game shall finish at 55 minutes after the hour.
  • Pick up your garbage when your game done and put it in a garbage can.
  • No spitting inside the dome.
  • Only water inside the dome.
  • No dirty shoes inside the dome.
  • If you have the last game, please return the bench to the sideline.
  • Teams play 7 vs. 7.
  • Games are 25 minute halves, but must finish within the hour time slot.