Welcome to the GKSSA 2019 Outdoor Season!

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Games To Be Rescheduled

– recent or upcoming games that have been postponed

To Be Rescheduled
C1Winmar FCCancoil BenficaTodayBarr Homes 2
C2Jimmy's Sports Lounge SCRemax UnitedTodayJim Beattie West
D3First Responders FCRed House FCTodayBarr Homes 3

Rescheduled Games

– upcoming games that were previously scheduled for a different date, time, or field

Rescheduled Date and FieldWas at
A1Limestone City FCGlenhaven UnitedToday @ 6:30 pmCaton's 1Wed, May-22 @ 6:30 PM
A3ValhallaPortsmouth Celtic FCToday @ 8:30 pmKingston 1000 Islands SportsplexWed, May-22 @ 6:30 PM
B3Grizzly'sCataraqui IIToday @ 8:30 pmCaton's 1Tue, May-21 @ 6:30 PM

Schedule is live!

The GKSSA 2019 schedule is now live. Please note that there may still be some minor errors included, and not all team uniforms are online as yet (especially if a team has changed since last year).

The league kicks off on Monday, May 20, and runs through to the first weekend of September for playoff finals.

If you spot any errors or issues with the schedule, or need to update your team's sponsors or uniforms, contact please ASAP.

Please also note that the callup policy will be updated shortly to match the rule changes and there will be a special deal from a new league sponsor being shared in the next day or so... so keep your eyes peeled!

Players Looking for Teams

As a courtesy to player hopefuls and teams looking for players, the GKSSA maintains a publicly accessible Google Drive spreadsheet with information about players looking for teams in the first tab, and teams looking for players in the second tab (tabs are at the bottom of the spreadsheet window).

Any players that want to be added to this list should fill out this form.