Welcome to the GKSSA 2023 Outdoor Season!

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GKSSA 2024 Outdoor Season

As indicated at the Annual General Meeting in November, initial deposits, rosters, and final fees will all be due sooner than in past years. It was also indicated that season schedules were being planned to start earlier on turf.<

An initial registration deposit of $2000 will be due March 3. E-transfers can be sent the . Please contact him if you need to make alternate arrangements. If you think you have a refund still available he can help confirm that.

A team registration info page will also be due March 3.

The alignment and field bookings for outdoor 2024 will be based on the registration deposits. Late deposits are at risk of being put ona waiting list.

Final fees and rosters will be due April 5 so that players can be registered for an anticipated mid-April start date on turf. We have some Queen’s turf booked starting April 15 and that’s when some teams/divisions might begin, depending on alignment/weather.

This year we will forego the traditional Cup format, and look at a possible fall league or late season Cup event.

Several rule changes have been made and will be posted shortly.