GKSSA - 2019-20 Indoor Schedule
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All Competitions

Game Date ↑ Time Field Home Score Visitors
O1Sun, Jan-057:00 pmKTI 1A-Boca Nooners0 - 2B1-Cataraqui I
O2Sun, Jan-057:00 pmKTI 2A-Greenshield Pest Control FC2 - 1B1-Paradiso Pizza
O3Sun, Jan-057:00 pmKTI 3A-Junior Gaels3 - 2B1-Legacy FC
O4Sun, Jan-057:00 pmKTI 4A-Limestone City5 - 0B1-Winmar
O5Sun, Jan-058:00 pmKTI 1C-Independent FC0 - 8B2-Sicilia Juventus
O6Sun, Jan-058:00 pmKTI 2C-Calm River Events1 - 2B2-Portsmouth Celtic FC
O7 (f)Sun, Jan-058:00 pmKTI 3C-AIC0 - 3B2-Astros
O8Sun, Jan-058:00 pmKTI 4C-Xtirpation FC1 - 4B2-Kingston Bike Tours
M1Mon, Jan-068:00 pmKTI 1Cataraqui III1 - 2Cataraqui II
M2Mon, Jan-068:00 pmKTI 2Frontenac Jewellers1 - 1Skeleton Park Rangers
M3Mon, Jan-068:00 pmKTI 3Portuguese Benfica4 - 3Red House
O10Sun, Jan-127:00 pmKTI 2B1-Paradiso Pizza2 - 0C-Calm River Events
O11Sun, Jan-127:00 pmKTI 3B1-Legacy FC13 - 0C-AIC
O12Sun, Jan-127:00 pmKTI 4B1-Winmar6 - 3C-Xtirpation FC
O9Sun, Jan-127:00 pmKTI 1B1-Cataraqui I6 - 1C-Independent FC
O13Sun, Jan-128:00 pmKTI 1B2-Sicilia Juventus1 - 2A-Boca Nooners
O14Sun, Jan-128:00 pmKTI 2B2-Portsmouth Celtic FC0 - 1A-Greenshield Pest Control FC
O15Sun, Jan-128:00 pmKTI 3B2-Astros0 - 2A-Junior Gaels
O16Sun, Jan-128:00 pmKTI 4B2-Kingston Bike Tours0 - 4A-Limestone City
M4Mon, Jan-138:00 pmKTI 1Frontenac Jewellers1 - 2Portuguese Benfica
M5Mon, Jan-138:00 pmKTI 2Skeleton Park Rangers1 - 7Cataraqui II
M6Mon, Jan-138:00 pmKTI 3Cataraqui III5 - 1Red House
O17Sun, Jan-197:00 pmKTI 1A-Greenshield Pest Control FC2 - 0A-Boca Nooners
O18Sun, Jan-197:00 pmKTI 2A-Junior Gaels4 - 3A-Limestone City
O19Sun, Jan-197:00 pmKTI 3B1-Paradiso Pizza4 - 3B1-Cataraqui I
O20Sun, Jan-197:00 pmKTI 4B1-Legacy FC2 - 2B1-Winmar
O21Sun, Jan-198:00 pmKTI 1B2-Portsmouth Celtic FCvs.B2-Sicilia Juventus
O22Sun, Jan-198:00 pmKTI 2B2-Astrosvs.B2-Kingston Bike Tours
O23Sun, Jan-198:00 pmKTI 3C-Calm River Eventsvs.C-Independent FC
O24Sun, Jan-198:00 pmKTI 4C-AIC1 - 10C-Xtirpation FC
M7Mon, Jan-208:00 pmKTI 1Skeleton Park Rangersvs.Portuguese Benfica
M8Mon, Jan-208:00 pmKTI 2Cataraqui IIIvs.Frontenac Jewellers
M9Mon, Jan-208:00 pmKTI 3Cataraqui IIvs.Red House
O25Sun, Jan-267:00 pmKTI 1C-AICvs.B2-Kingston Bike Tours
O26Sun, Jan-267:00 pmKTI 2C-Xtirpation FCvs.B2-Sicilia Juventus
O27Sun, Jan-267:00 pmKTI 3C-Independent FCvs.B2-Portsmouth Celtic FC
O28Sun, Jan-267:00 pmKTI 4C-Calm River Eventsvs.B2-Astros
O29Sun, Jan-268:00 pmKTI 1A-Junior Gaelsvs.B1-Winmar
O30Sun, Jan-268:00 pmKTI 2A-Limestone Cityvs.B1-Cataraqui I
O31Sun, Jan-268:00 pmKTI 3A-Boca Noonersvs.B1-Paradiso Pizza
O32Sun, Jan-268:00 pmKTI 4A-Greenshield Pest Control FCvs.B1-Legacy FC
M10Mon, Jan-278:00 pmKTI 1Portuguese Benficavs.Cataraqui II
M11Mon, Jan-278:00 pmKTI 2Red Housevs.Frontenac Jewellers
M12Mon, Jan-278:00 pmKTI 3Skeleton Park Rangersvs.Cataraqui III
M13Mon, Feb-038:00 pmKTI 1Red Housevs.Skeleton Park Rangers
M14Mon, Feb-038:00 pmKTI 2Cataraqui IIvs.Frontenac Jewellers
M15Mon, Feb-038:00 pmKTI 3Portuguese Benficavs.Cataraqui III
O33Sun, Feb-097:00 pmKTI 1B2-Kingston Bike Toursvs.A-Junior Gaels
O34Sun, Feb-097:00 pmKTI 2B2-Sicilia Juventusvs.A-Limestone City
O35Sun, Feb-097:00 pmKTI 3B2-Portsmouth Celtic FCvs.A-Boca Nooners
O36Sun, Feb-097:00 pmKTI 4B2-Astrosvs.A-Greenshield Pest Control FC
O37Sun, Feb-098:00 pmKTI 1B1-Winmarvs.C-AIC
O38Sun, Feb-098:00 pmKTI 2B1-Cataraqui Ivs.C-Xtirpation FC
O39Sun, Feb-098:00 pmKTI 3B1-Paradiso Pizzavs.C-Independent FC
O40Sun, Feb-098:00 pmKTI 4B1-Legacy FCvs.C-Calm River Events
M16Mon, Feb-108:00 pmKTI 1Cataraqui IIvs.Cataraqui III
M17Mon, Feb-108:00 pmKTI 2Skeleton Park Rangersvs.Frontenac Jewellers
M18Mon, Feb-108:00 pmKTI 3Red Housevs.Portuguese Benfica
O41Sun, Feb-167:00 pmKTI 1C-Xtirpation FCvs.C-Calm River Events
O42Sun, Feb-167:00 pmKTI 2C-Independent FCvs.C-AIC
O43Sun, Feb-167:00 pmKTI 3B1-Winmarvs.B1-Paradiso Pizza
O44Sun, Feb-167:00 pmKTI 4B1-Cataraqui Ivs.B1-Legacy FC
O45Sun, Feb-168:00 pmKTI 1B2-Kingston Bike Toursvs.B2-Portsmouth Celtic FC
O46Sun, Feb-168:00 pmKTI 2B2-Sicilia Juventusvs.B2-Astros
O47Sun, Feb-168:00 pmKTI 3A-Limestone Cityvs.A-Greenshield Pest Control FC
O48Sun, Feb-168:00 pmKTI 4A-Boca Noonersvs.A-Junior Gaels
M19Mon, Feb-178:00 pmKTI 1Portuguese Benficavs.Frontenac Jewellers
M20Mon, Feb-178:00 pmKTI 2Cataraqui IIvs.Skeleton Park Rangers
M21Mon, Feb-178:00 pmKTI 3Red Housevs.Cataraqui III
O49Sun, Feb-237:00 pmKTI 1A-Boca Noonersvs.B1-Legacy FC
O50Sun, Feb-237:00 pmKTI 2A-Greenshield Pest Control FCvs.B1-Winmar
O51Sun, Feb-237:00 pmKTI 3A-Junior Gaelsvs.B1-Cataraqui I
O52Sun, Feb-237:00 pmKTI 4A-Limestone Cityvs.B1-Paradiso Pizza
O53Sun, Feb-238:00 pmKTI 1C-Independent FCvs.B2-Astros
O54Sun, Feb-238:00 pmKTI 2C-Calm River Eventsvs.B2-Kingston Bike Tours
O55Sun, Feb-238:00 pmKTI 3C-AICvs.B2-Sicilia Juventus
O56Sun, Feb-238:00 pmKTI 4C-Xtirpation FCvs.B2-Portsmouth Celtic FC
M22Mon, Feb-249:00 pmKTI 1Portuguese Benficavs.Skeleton Park Rangers
M23Mon, Feb-249:00 pmKTI 2Frontenac Jewellersvs.Cataraqui III
M24Mon, Feb-249:00 pmKTI 3Red Housevs.Cataraqui II
O57Sun, Mar-017:00 pmKTI 1B2-Astrosvs.A-Boca Nooners
O58Sun, Mar-017:00 pmKTI 2B2-Kingston Bike Toursvs.A-Greenshield Pest Control FC
O59Sun, Mar-017:00 pmKTI 3B2-Sicilia Juventusvs.A-Junior Gaels
O60Sun, Mar-017:00 pmKTI 4B2-Portsmouth Celtic FCvs.A-Limestone City
O61Sun, Mar-018:00 pmKTI 1B1-Legacy FCvs.C-Independent FC
O62Sun, Mar-018:00 pmKTI 2B1-Winmarvs.C-Calm River Events
O63Sun, Mar-018:00 pmKTI 3B1-Cataraqui Ivs.C-AIC
O64Sun, Mar-018:00 pmKTI 4B1-Paradiso Pizzavs.C-Xtirpation FC
M25Mon, Mar-029:00 pmKTI 1Cataraqui IIvs.Portuguese Benfica
M26Mon, Mar-029:00 pmKTI 2Frontenac Jewellersvs.Red House
M27Mon, Mar-029:00 pmKTI 3Cataraqui IIIvs.Skeleton Park Rangers
O65Sun, Mar-087:00 pmKTI 1A-Limestone Cityvs.A-Boca Nooners
O66Sun, Mar-087:00 pmKTI 2A-Greenshield Pest Control FCvs.A-Junior Gaels
O67Sun, Mar-087:00 pmKTI 3B1-Winmarvs.B1-Cataraqui I
O68Sun, Mar-087:00 pmKTI 4B1-Paradiso Pizzavs.B1-Legacy FC
O69Sun, Mar-088:00 pmKTI 1B2-Kingston Bike Toursvs.B2-Sicilia Juventus
O70Sun, Mar-088:00 pmKTI 2B2-Portsmouth Celtic FCvs.B2-Astros
O71Sun, Mar-088:00 pmKTI 3C-Xtirpation FCvs.C-Independent FC
O72Sun, Mar-088:00 pmKTI 4C-Calm River Eventsvs.C-AIC
M28Mon, Mar-099:00 pmKTI 1Skeleton Park Rangersvs.Red House
M29Mon, Mar-099:00 pmKTI 2Frontenac Jewellersvs.Cataraqui II
M30Mon, Mar-099:00 pmKTI 3Cataraqui IIIvs.Portuguese Benfica
O73Sun, Mar-157:00 pmKTI 1A-Junior Gaelsvs.B1-Paradiso Pizza
O74Sun, Mar-157:00 pmKTI 2A-Limestone Cityvs.B1-Legacy FC
O75Sun, Mar-157:00 pmKTI 3A-Boca Noonersvs.B1-Winmar
O76Sun, Mar-157:00 pmKTI 4A-Greenshield Pest Control FCvs.B1-Cataraqui I
O77Sun, Mar-158:00 pmKTI 1C-AICvs.B2-Portsmouth Celtic FC
O78Sun, Mar-158:00 pmKTI 2C-Xtirpation FCvs.B2-Astros
O79Sun, Mar-158:00 pmKTI 3C-Independent FCvs.B2-Kingston Bike Tours
O80Sun, Mar-158:00 pmKTI 4C-Calm River Eventsvs.B2-Sicilia Juventus
O81Sun, Mar-227:00 pmKTI 1B2-Portsmouth Celtic FCvs.A-Junior Gaels
O82Sun, Mar-227:00 pmKTI 2B2-Astrosvs.A-Limestone City
O83Sun, Mar-227:00 pmKTI 3B2-Kingston Bike Toursvs.A-Boca Nooners
O84Sun, Mar-227:00 pmKTI 4B2-Sicilia Juventusvs.A-Greenshield Pest Control FC
O85Sun, Mar-228:00 pmKTI 1B1-Paradiso Pizzavs.C-AIC
O86Sun, Mar-228:00 pmKTI 2B1-Legacy FCvs.C-Xtirpation FC
O87Sun, Mar-228:00 pmKTI 3B1-Winmarvs.C-Independent FC
O88Sun, Mar-228:00 pmKTI 4B1-Cataraqui Ivs.C-Calm River Events
M31Mon, Mar-239:00 pmKTI 11st Placevs.4th Place
M32Mon, Mar-239:00 pmKTI 22nd Placevs.3rd Place
M33Mon, Mar-239:00 pmKTI 35th Placevs.6th Place
O89Sun, Mar-297:00 pmKTI 11st Place Avs.2nd Place A
O90Sun, Mar-297:00 pmKTI 23rd Place Avs.4th Place A
O91Sun, Mar-297:00 pmKTI 31st Place B1vs.1st Place B2
O92Sun, Mar-297:00 pmKTI 42nd Place B1vs.2nd Place B2
O93Sun, Mar-298:00 pmKTI 13rd Place B1vs.3rd Place B2
O94Sun, Mar-298:00 pmKTI 24th Place B1vs.4th Place B2
O95Sun, Mar-298:00 pmKTI 31st Place Cvs.2nd Place C
O96Sun, Mar-298:00 pmKTI 43rd Place Cvs.4th Place C
M34Mon, Mar-308:00 pmKTI 1Winner M31vs.Winner M32
M35Mon, Mar-308:00 pmKTI 2Loser M32vs.Winner M33
M36Mon, Mar-308:00 pmKTI 3Loser M33vs.Loser M31