GKSSA - 2019 Outdoor News

Nathalie Cave Second Chance Draw

The second chance draw for the Nathalie Cave Memorial Cup was held this afternoon at the Kingston Soccer Tournament, and AIC and Jimmy's Sports Lounge SC were drawn into these slots to play this coming Friday.

You can view the draw which was done on Facebook Live.

Cup Game Tie-breakers

As the cup games begin today, the rules are as follows:

All of these games require a winner. If the game is drawn (tied) at the end of regulation, the teams will proceed directly to kicks from the mark to determine a winner. This will be done as per FIFA rules (as per usual), with only those on the field at the end of the match being eligible to participate. This will apply to all games up to, and including, the semi-final matches.

The finals, if tied at the end of regulation, will have two ten (10) minute periods of extra time. This is not golden goal (aka "sudden death"), but both entire periods of extra time must be played. If still tied at the end of extra time, the finals will then continue to kicks from the mark.

Schedule is live!

The GKSSA 2019 schedule is now live. Please note that there may still be some minor errors included, and not all team uniforms are online as yet (especially if a team has changed since last year).

The league kicks off on Monday, May 20, and runs through to the first weekend of September for playoff finals.

If you spot any errors or issues with the schedule, or need to update your team's sponsors or uniforms, contact please ASAP.

Please also note that the callup policy will be updated shortly to match the rule changes and there will be a special deal from a new league sponsor being shared in the next day or so... so keep your eyes peeled!

Teams Looking for Players

Several teams are looking for players, especially goalkeepers at this time of year. If you have a team looking for a player, please contact the .

Teams in need of goalkeepers: Grizzly's (B), Jimmy's Sports Lounge (C - also looking for strikers).