GKSSA - 2021 Outdoor News

Tentative AGM Date

The GKSSA's 2020 and 2021 AGMs are expected to be held jointly on Monday, November 22 via Zoom.

Full details will be coming soon, but if anyone has any bylaw amendents to propose, they must be submitted to the before 11:59 ET Friday, October 22, 2021.


The GKSSA playoffs begin this week and there are a few notes to share with everyone.

The A and C playoffs are all one-game affairs that require a winner. If the match is tied at the end of regulation, all matches before the finals will go directly to kicks from the penalty mark.

Because the B and D divisions had shortened seasons, their semi-final matches will be two-legged aggregate score (no away goals). The first legs (B13 and B14 on Sep 7, and D18 and D19 on Sep 10) will end at the end of regulation, no matter the scoreline. The second legs (Sep 14and Sep 13 respectively) will go to two ten-minute halves of extra time (no golden goal) if the aggregate scoreline after both games is tied. If still tied at the end of extra time, the games will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark.

The D division quarter-final matches (D16 and D17 on Sep 6) must have a winner and, if tied after regulation, will have two ten-minute halves of extra time before going to kicks from the penalty mark if required.

The playoff finals will all be played at Barr Homes on Sunday, September 19. These will have two ten-minute periods of extra time and then penalties if required.

Note: Please note that some fields may be changing over the next couple of weeks due to field availability, so keep your eyes on the website.

BHS notes

A few important BHS notes to be aware of:

  1. Remember that the last person to leave the Barr Homes Soccerplex is responsible for locking the gate.
  2. Please park in the usual designated parking lots. The lot past the pond towrds Field 2 is for referees and those who are either pregnantor handicapped only.
  3. Only PLASTIC recycling should go into the recycling bins. Empty your bottles before placing them in the bins. Also, please pick up your used tape and any other garbage and dispose of it in the garbage cans that are readily available at each field, and not in the recycling bins.

Kickoff today!

Today, the 2021 outdoor season kicks off. Please take the time to verify your roster on the website, your contact information, your sponsoor information, etc. If there are any changes required, please ASAP.

Good luck to everyone this season, and remember to report your results post-game.

2021 Schedule taking shape

As of this morning, the schedules are now available on the website. These may be subject to minor changes, so keep your eyes open.

Please check your team's contact information/etc and reach out to if there are updates or changes necessary.

2021 Season Registration

Based on the survey put out to teams, we have gathered the information and we are moving forward with plans to run a 2021 outdoor season.

Here are the goals/plans and some reasons why:



Other notes/considerations: