GKSSA – 2019-20 Indoor Standings

GKSSA – League Standings

Division O
Place Team PWDL FAGD Pts Results
1A-Junior Gaels33009549WWW________
2A-Greenshield Pest Control FC33005149WWW________
3A-Limestone City320112486WWL________
4B1-Cataraqui I320111566WWL________
5B1-Paradiso Pizza32017526LWW________
6B1-Legacy FC3111175124LWD________
8B2-Sicilia Juventus21019273WL_________
9C-Xtirpation FC3102141133LLW________
11B2-Portsmouth Celtic FC21012203WL_________
12B2-Kingston Bike Tours210145-13WL_________
13A-Boca Nooners310225-33LWL________
14C-Calm River Events200214-30LL_________
15C-Independent FC2002114-130LL_________

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Division O - Leading Goal Scorers
Player Team Goals
Billy CamperlinoC-Xtirpation FC4
Isaac McFadyenB1-Legacy FC4
RJ KamekaB1-Legacy FC4
Tyler BullerB1-Paradiso Pizza4
Vito CutronaB2-Sicilia Juventus4
Kody KazdaA-Limestone City3
Nathan ElliottC-Xtirpation FC3
Sam ShoreB1-Legacy FC3
Division M
Place Team PWDL FAGD Pts Results
1Cataraqui II22009276WW________
2Portuguese Benfica22006426WW________
3Cataraqui III21016333LW________
4Frontenac Jewellers201123-11DL________
5Skeleton Park Rangers201128-61DL________
6Red House200249-50LL________

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➜ Playoff results for Division M

Division M - Leading Goal Scorers
Player Team Goals
Clint BroedersPortuguese Benfica3
Jay VieiraCataraqui II2
Mario EvaristoPortuguese Benfica2
Matt JarbeauCataraqui III2
Mike WadeCataraqui II2
Sean BridgemanCataraqui III2
Stephen ThomasCataraqui III2
2 other players also with 2 goals

Until the regular season is complete, the standings order of teams that are tied on points is arbitrary. At the end of the season, the first tie-breaker rule is based on how well the tied teams did in the games they played against each other.

Clean Sheet Leaders

Division O - Clean Sheet Leaders
PlayerTeamClean Sheets
Brayden MartinA-Limestone City2
Dustin KempA-Greenshield Pest Control FC2
Kevin CharroisB1-Cataraqui I1
Matt KruczkowskiB2-Sicilia Juventus1
Nathaniel BennA-Junior Gaels1
Rick PierceB1-Paradiso Pizza1
Division M - Clean Sheet Leaders
PlayerTeamClean Sheets
No clean sheets recorded yet.