GKSSA - 2018 Outdoor Trial and Call-Up Players Report

Trial Players

Player Game Date Team
Chris MoirC17Jun-18 18:30 Progress Physio
Dalton ScammellB16Jun-12 18:30 Paradiso Pizza
Jonas PetersenB5 *May-29 18:30 Grizzly's
Rick PierceB5 *May-29 18:30 Grizzly's
Rick PierceB24Jun-26 20:30 Paradiso Pizza
Rick PierceC41Jul-30 18:30 Cataraqui III
Rick PierceB43Jul-31 20:30 The Keg FC
Rick PierceB48Aug-07 20:30 Grizzly's
Ryan McCurdyA15Jun-20 18:30 Kingston Hot Fire
Tim MontgomeryB11Jun-05 20:30 The Keg FC
Zachary RoweD4May-28 18:30 Red House FC

Call-Up Players

Player Game Date Team
Adam RondeauB36 *Aug-08 18:00 Paradiso Pizza
Alex FletcherC22Jun-25 20:30 Progress Physio
Alex JansenA4May-30 18:30 Boca Nooners
Alex JansenA28Jul-25 18:30 Boca Nooners
Austin ScottB32Jul-10 18:30 Paradiso Pizza
Brett WhaleyB10Jun-05 18:30 Grizzly's
Carson PayneB52Aug-14 20:30 Valhalla
Chandler CardB52Aug-14 20:30 Paradiso Pizza
Conner BrashB16Jun-12 18:30 Paradiso Pizza
Dawson EthierA13Jun-20 18:30 Kingston Blues FC
Dawson EthierB46Aug-07 20:30 Valhalla
Dzianis BortnikauB36 *Aug-08 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Dzianis BortnikauB50Aug-14 20:30 Pita Pit Empire Court
Eaba DegafaA13Jun-20 18:30 Kingston Blues FC
Edward ScarpazzaB44Jul-31 18:30 Paradiso Pizza
Edward ScarpazzaB36 *Aug-08 18:00 Paradiso Pizza
Edward ScarpazzaB56Aug-21 18:00 Paradiso Pizza
Evan FraserB29 *Jul-10 20:30 Valhalla
Evan FraserB50Aug-14 20:30 Grizzly's
Frank WhalenB30Jul-10 20:30 Grizzly's
Jacob TurcotteB15Jun-12 20:30 Grizzly's
Jacob TurcotteB33 *Aug-02 18:30 Grizzly's
Jeremy McBrideA36Aug-08 18:00 Kingston Hot Fire
Joey PineoA36Aug-08 18:00 Limestone City FC
Jonathan ArdellB7May-29 20:30 Cataraqui II
Jose HernandezB55Aug-21 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Justin BurtchB32Jul-10 18:30 Paradiso Pizza
Justin BurtchB40 *Jul-17 20:30 Paradiso Pizza
Justin BurtchB42Jul-31 20:30 Pita Pit Empire Court
Justin BurtchB45Aug-07 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Justin BurtchB36 *Aug-08 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Liam SousaB25 *Jul-03 20:30 The Keg FC
Liam SousaB45Aug-07 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Manny MendesB46Aug-07 20:30 Cataraqui II
Marcus VingerhoedsB50Aug-14 20:30 Grizzly's
Marty BragaA18Jun-27 18:30 Portuguese Benfica
Matt JarbeauA31Aug-01 18:00 Boca Nooners
Matt JarbeauA39 *Aug-21 18:00 Portuguese Benfica
Matt JarbeauB53Aug-21 20:30 Valhalla
Matthew AlmeidaB36 *Aug-08 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Matthew AlmeidaB50Aug-14 20:30 Pita Pit Empire Court
Matthew AlmeidaB55Aug-21 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Mazen OsmanB26Jul-03 20:30 Grizzly's
Mazen OsmanB30Jul-10 20:30 Grizzly's
Mitch LarabieB46Aug-07 20:30 Valhalla
Nathan KellarA12Jun-13 18:30 Kingston Hot Fire
Nathan KellarA30Jul-25 18:30 Kingston Hot Fire
Nathan KellarA36Aug-08 18:00 Kingston Hot Fire
Nicholas ElliottB29 *Jul-10 20:30 Valhalla
Nicholas ElliottB46Aug-07 20:30 Valhalla
Nicholas ElliottB52Aug-14 20:30 Valhalla
Nick PellandA32Aug-01 18:00 Kingston Blues FC
Nick PellandA24 *Aug-17 18:30 Kingston Blues FC
Noah FrymireB38 *Jul-17 20:30 Grizzly's
Noah LeinweberB41 *Jul-31 18:30 Cataraqui II
Noah LeinweberB51Aug-14 18:00 Cataraqui II
Peter Boyle JrA15Jun-20 18:30 Kingston Hot Fire
Peter Boyle JrA19Jul-04 18:30 Kingston Hot Fire
Peter Boyle JrB32Jul-10 18:30 Paradiso Pizza
Peter Boyle JrA27Jul-18 18:30 Kingston Hot Fire
Peter Boyle JrB35 *Jul-24 18:30 Cataraqui II
Pietro CutronaB35 *Jul-24 18:30 The Keg FC
Pietro CutronaB46Aug-07 20:30 Cataraqui II
RJ KamekaA21Jul-04 18:30 Kingston Blues FC
Robert McdonaldB51Aug-14 18:00 Cataraqui II
Ronald LunykB26Jul-03 20:30 Grizzly's
Ryan BertrandB5 *May-29 18:30 Grizzly's
Ryan BertrandB33 *Aug-02 18:30 Grizzly's
Ryan KiersB38 *Jul-17 20:30 Grizzly's
Ryan KiersB50Aug-14 20:30 Grizzly's
Ryan SousaB55Aug-21 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Saif ElmaghrabyA31Aug-01 18:00 Boca Nooners
Shamus PereiraB56Aug-21 18:00 Paradiso Pizza
Shaun McAlisterB45Aug-07 18:00 Pita Pit Empire Court
Soren HertzB22 *Jun-26 20:30 Grizzly's
Soren HertzB30Jul-10 20:30 Grizzly's
Soren HertzB48Aug-07 20:30 Grizzly's
Soren HertzB56Aug-21 18:00 Paradiso Pizza
Stephen DouglasA12Jun-13 18:30 Kingston Hot Fire
Steve LandonA12Jun-13 18:30 Kingston Hot Fire
Stormy PerkinsB25 *Jul-03 20:30 The Keg FC
Tony CostaB46Aug-07 20:30 Cataraqui II
Torin MacPhersonB35 *Jul-24 18:30 Cataraqui II
Torin MacPhersonB51Aug-14 18:00 Cataraqui II
Troy SchneiderB10Jun-05 18:30 Grizzly's
Troy SchneiderB38 *Jul-17 20:30 Grizzly's
Troy SchneiderB33 *Aug-02 18:30 Grizzly's
Tyler SandesA4May-30 18:30 Glenhaven United
Wali ZiaA1May-23 18:30 Boca Nooners
Wali ZiaB10Jun-05 18:30 Grizzly's
Wali ZiaA16Jun-27 18:30 Boca Nooners
Warren MaunderB48Aug-07 20:30 Paradiso Pizza
Warren MaunderB36 *Aug-08 18:00 Paradiso Pizza

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