GKSSA - 2019 Outdoor Schedule
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All Competitions

Game Date ↑ Time Field Home Score Visitors
D4Mon, May-208:30 pmCaton's 1Xtirpation FC2 - 6King's Crew FC
D7Mon, May-278:30 pmCaton's 1Xtirpation FC1 - 2First Responders FC
N6Fri, May-318:30 pmWoodbine 5Xtirpation FC0 - 3Calm River Events
D11Mon, Jun-038:30 pmCaton's 1Red House FC6 - 2Xtirpation FC
D15Mon, Jun-108:30 pmCaton's 1Xtirpation FC3 - 2Kingston Predators
D19Mon, Jun-178:30 pmCaton's 1JKL Rangers2 - 2Xtirpation FC
D21Mon, Jun-248:30 pmCaton's 1Xtirpation FC1 - 1Tekenos-Levy Law
D25Mon, Jul-018:30 pmCaton's 1AIC4 - 1Xtirpation FC
D32Mon, Jul-088:30 pmCaton's 1King's Crew FC2 - 1Xtirpation FC
D35Mon, Jul-158:30 pmCaton's 1First Responders FC2 - 0Xtirpation FC
D39Mon, Jul-228:30 pmCaton's 1Xtirpation FC2 - 4Red House FC
D43Mon, Jul-298:30 pmCaton's 1Kingston Predators2 - 6Xtirpation FC
D47Mon, Aug-058:30 pmCaton's 1Xtirpation FC0 - 2JKL Rangers
D49Mon, Aug-128:30 pmCaton's 1Tekenos-Levy Law2 - 0Xtirpation FC
D53Mon, Aug-198:30 pmCaton's 1Xtirpation FC2 - 2AIC
D58Mon, Aug-268:15 pmCaton's 1Red House FC2 - 1Xtirpation FC