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All Competitions

Game Date ↑ Time Field Home Score Visitors
C1Mon, May-206:30 pmWoodbine 4Overtime FC6 - 2Iron Duke FC
C3Mon, May-206:30 pmWillie PrattLoyal Oarsman0 - 1Azores Eagles
C4Mon, May-206:30 pmBarr Homes 2Kingston Athletic4 - 2Cataraqui III
C6Mon, May-206:30 pmBarr Homes 1Barr Homes FC4 - 0Chez Piggy FC
C2Mon, May-208:30 pmWoodbine 4LCFC III1 - 1Frontenac United
C5Mon, May-208:30 pmWillie PrattPlaytrium FC3 - 1AIC
B2Tue, May-216:30 pmWoodbine 4The Keg FC1 - 0Portsmouth Celtic FC
B3Tue, May-216:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCFB Kingston0 - 2Valhalla
B5Tue, May-218:30 pmWoodbine 4Napanee FC I3 - 2JKL Rangers
A1Wed, May-226:30 pmBarr Homes 2Soccer Plus FC4 - 0Pilot House LCFC I
A2Wed, May-226:30 pmBarr Homes 1Portuguese Benfica3 - 0Pilot House Nooners
A4Wed, May-226:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui I3 - 4Cancoil Benfica
B1Wed, May-226:30 pmMarkers AcresGlenhaven United3 - 2RealtySource Red Bull
L5Fri, May-246:30 pmCaton's 2The Keg FC3 - 2Pilot House Nooners
N1Fri, May-246:30 pmWoodbine 4Kingston Athletic1 - 3CFB Kingston
N7Fri, May-246:30 pmW J HendersonBarr Homes FC0 - 3LCFC III
L7Fri, May-248:30 pmW J HendersonPortuguese Benfica6 - 0Napanee FC I
N5Fri, May-248:30 pmWoodbine 4Frontenac United0 - 1Loyal Oarsman
C10Mon, May-276:30 pmBarr Homes 2Azores Eagles2 - 1Cataraqui III
C12Mon, May-276:30 pmWillie PrattAIC6 - 0Chez Piggy FC
C7Mon, May-276:30 pmBarr Homes 1Overtime FC4 - 4LCFC III
C8Mon, May-276:30 pmWoodbine 4Iron Duke FC5 - 2Frontenac United
C11Mon, May-278:30 pmWoodbine 4Playtrium FC3 - 4Barr Homes FC
C9Mon, May-278:30 pmWillie PrattLoyal Oarsman1 - 1Kingston Athletic
B10Tue, May-286:30 pmBarr Homes 1RealtySource Red Bull4 - 0Grizzly's
B11Tue, May-286:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonRyatt United SC2 - 0CFB Kingston
B12Tue, May-286:30 pmWoodbine 4JKL Rangers4 - 1Clippers
B9Tue, May-286:30 pmBarr Homes 2Napanee FC I2 - 4Portsmouth Celtic FC
B8Tue, May-288:30 pmWoodbine 4Valhalla4 - 1Cataraqui II
A5 (f)Wed, May-296:30 pmCaton's 1Pilot House Nooners0 - 3Soccer Plus FC
A6Wed, May-296:30 pmBarr Homes 1Portuguese Benfica7 - 0FC Vita Azzurri
A7Wed, May-296:30 pmBarr Homes 2Cancoil Benfica1 - 5Progress Fitness Roma
A8Wed, May-296:30 pmMarkers AcresCataraqui I3 - 1Pilot House LCFC I
B7Wed, May-298:30 pmW J HendersonGlenhaven United2 - 0The Keg FC
B6*Thu, May-306:30 pmBarr Homes 2Grizzly's2 - 4Ryatt United SC
L3Fri, May-316:30 pmW J HendersonFC Vita Azzurri3 - 0Clippers
L4Fri, May-316:30 pmCaton's 1Pilot House LCFC I2 - 0Portsmouth Celtic FC
L6Fri, May-316:30 pmWoodbine 4Progress Fitness Roma3 - 1Glenhaven United
L8Fri, May-316:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui II1 - 5Cancoil Benfica
C14Mon, Jun-036:30 pmWillie PrattLCFC III4 - 0Iron Duke FC
C15Mon, Jun-036:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui III1 - 3Loyal Oarsman
C16Mon, Jun-036:30 pmBarr Homes 1Kingston Athletic1 - 0Azores Eagles
C17Mon, Jun-036:30 pmBarr Homes 2Chez Piggy FC1 - 3Playtrium FC
C13Mon, Jun-038:30 pmWoodbine 4Frontenac United1 - 5Overtime FC
C18Mon, Jun-038:30 pmWillie PrattBarr Homes FC0 - 1AIC
B14Tue, Jun-046:30 pmBarr Homes 1The Keg FC3 - 0Cataraqui II
B16Tue, Jun-046:30 pmBarr Homes 2Portsmouth Celtic FC4 - 2Grizzly's
B17Tue, Jun-046:30 pmWoodbine 4Ryatt United SC3 - 0JKL Rangers
B18Tue, Jun-046:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCFB Kingston2 - 0Clippers
B15Tue, Jun-048:30 pmWoodbine 4Napanee FC I2 - 3RealtySource Red Bull
A10Wed, Jun-056:30 pmCaton's 1Cancoil Benfica2 - 5Portuguese Benfica
A11Wed, Jun-056:30 pmBarr Homes 2Pilot House LCFC I0 - 5Progress Fitness Roma
A12Wed, Jun-056:30 pmBarr Homes 1Pilot House Nooners0 - 4Cataraqui I
A9Wed, Jun-056:30 pmMarkers AcresFC Vita Azzurri1 - 3Soccer Plus FC
B13Wed, Jun-058:30 pmW J HendersonGlenhaven United3 - 0Valhalla
N6*Thu, Jun-066:30 pmBarr HomesLoyal Oarsman2 - 5Iron Duke FC
C21Mon, Jun-106:30 pmWoodbine 4Chez Piggy FC1 - 4LCFC III
C22Mon, Jun-106:30 pmBarr Homes 1Frontenac United1 - 2AIC
C23Mon, Jun-106:30 pmWillie PrattAzores Eagles3 - 1Playtrium FC
A13Wed, Jun-126:30 pmBarr Homes 2Soccer Plus FC4 - 2Cancoil Benfica
A15Wed, Jun-126:30 pmMarkers AcresProgress Fitness Roma7 - 2Pilot House Nooners
A16Wed, Jun-126:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui I2 - 2FC Vita Azzurri
N3*Thu, Jun-136:30 pmBarr Homes 2AIC1 - 3Grizzly's
L11Fri, Jun-146:30 pmW J HendersonPortsmouth Celtic FC0 - 2FC Vita Azzurri
L12Fri, Jun-146:30 pmCaton's 1Pilot House LCFC I4 - 2Clippers
N13Fri, Jun-146:30 pmCaton's 2Iron Duke FC1 - 2JKL Rangers
N15Fri, Jun-146:30 pmWoodbine 4Overtime FC0 - 7Ryatt United SC
C25Mon, Jun-176:30 pmWoodbine 4Azores Eagles1 - 3Overtime FC
C30Mon, Jun-178:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui III4 - 1Chez Piggy FC
B26Tue, Jun-186:30 pmBarr Homes 2The Keg FC2 - 1Grizzly's
B28Tue, Jun-186:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCataraqui II3 - 1CFB Kingston
B29Tue, Jun-186:30 pmBarr Homes 1Portsmouth Celtic FC2 - 0Ryatt United SC
B30Tue, Jun-186:30 pmWoodbine 4RealtySource Red Bull0 - 0JKL Rangers
B27Tue, Jun-188:30 pmWoodbine 4Clippers2 - 3Valhalla
A18Wed, Jun-196:30 pmCaton's 1Progress Fitness Roma1 - 1Portuguese Benfica
A20Wed, Jun-196:30 pmMarkers AcresFC Vita Azzurri3 - 1Pilot House Nooners
A17Wed, Jun-198:30 pmW J HendersonCataraqui I1 - 2Soccer Plus FC
B4*Thu, Jun-206:30 pmBarr Homes 2Clippers5 - 3Cataraqui II
L2*Fri, Jun-216:30 pmBarr Homes 1Cataraqui I4 - 1RealtySource Red Bull
N12Fri, Jun-216:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui III4 - 1AIC
N14 (f)Fri, Jun-216:30 pmWoodbine 4JKL Rangers3 - 0Frontenac United
N9Fri, Jun-216:30 pmCaton's 1CFB Kingston0 - 5Azores Eagles
N10Fri, Jun-218:30 pmWoodbine 4Playtrium FC0 - 3Kingston Athletic
N16Fri, Jun-218:30 pmW J HendersonRyatt United SC6 - 1Barr Homes FC
B21*Sun, Jun-236:00 pmBarr Homes 2Grizzly's2 - 0Napanee FC I
A14*Mon, Jun-246:30 pmCaton's 2Portuguese Benfica6 - 1Pilot House LCFC I
C31Mon, Jun-246:30 pmBarr Homes 1Overtime FC2 - 1Kingston Athletic
C32Mon, Jun-246:30 pmWoodbine 4Iron Duke FC1 - 5Azores Eagles
C33Mon, Jun-246:30 pmBarr Homes 2AIC2 - 6LCFC III
C36Mon, Jun-246:30 pmWillie PrattCataraqui III3 - 1Playtrium FC
C34Mon, Jun-248:30 pmWillie PrattChez Piggy FC2 - 1Frontenac United
C35Mon, Jun-248:30 pmWoodbine 4Loyal Oarsman3 - 2Barr Homes FC
B32Tue, Jun-256:30 pmBarr Homes 2The Keg FC3 - 3RealtySource Red Bull
B34Tue, Jun-256:30 pmBarr Homes 1Cataraqui II1 - 4Ryatt United SC
B35Tue, Jun-256:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCFB Kingston2 - 3Napanee FC I
B36Tue, Jun-256:30 pmWoodbine 4Grizzly's4 - 2Clippers
B33Tue, Jun-258:30 pmWoodbine 4Valhalla4 - 0JKL Rangers
A21Wed, Jun-266:30 pmCaton's 1Soccer Plus FC3 - 1Progress Fitness Roma
A22Wed, Jun-266:30 pmBarr Homes 1Portuguese Benfica4 - 0Cataraqui I
A23Wed, Jun-266:30 pmBarr Homes 2Pilot House LCFC I1 - 1FC Vita Azzurri
B31Wed, Jun-266:30 pmMarkers AcresPortsmouth Celtic FC3 - 0Glenhaven United
C20*Wed, Jun-266:30 pmMcCullough SouthIron Duke FC4 - 0Cataraqui III
A24Wed, Jun-268:30 pmW J HendersonPilot House Nooners2 - 3Cancoil Benfica
C24*Wed, Jun-268:30 pmWoodbine 4Kingston Athletic0 - 0Barr Homes FC
N8*Thu, Jun-276:30 pmBarr Homes 2LCFC III3 - 4Overtime FC
N2*Fri, Jun-286:30 pmCaton's 2Azores Eagles4 - 1Playtrium FC
N4* (f)Fri, Jun-286:30 pmCaton's 1Chez Piggy FC0 - 3Cataraqui III
C37Mon, Jul-016:30 pmBarr Homes 1Cataraqui III0 - 8Overtime FC
C39Mon, Jul-016:30 pmWoodbine 4Playtrium FC0 - 3LCFC III
C40Mon, Jul-016:30 pmBarr Homes 2Barr Homes FC3 - 5Frontenac United
C42 (f)Mon, Jul-016:30 pmWillie PrattKingston Athletic3 - 0Chez Piggy FC
C38Mon, Jul-018:30 pmWillie PrattLoyal Oarsman1 - 0Iron Duke FC
C41Mon, Jul-018:30 pmWoodbine 4Azores Eagles2 - 0AIC
B38Tue, Jul-026:30 pmWoodbine 4Napanee FC I2 - 1The Keg FC
B40Tue, Jul-026:30 pmBarr Homes 2JKL Rangers1 - 2Cataraqui II
B41Tue, Jul-026:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonPortsmouth Celtic FC6 - 0CFB Kingston
B42Tue, Jul-026:30 pmBarr Homes 1RealtySource Red Bull2 - 2Clippers
B39Tue, Jul-028:30 pmWoodbine 4Ryatt United SC1 - 4Valhalla
A26Wed, Jul-036:30 pmBarr Homes 1Progress Fitness Roma1 - 0Cataraqui I
A27Wed, Jul-036:30 pmCaton's 1Pilot House LCFC I0 - 3Pilot House Nooners
A28Wed, Jul-036:30 pmMarkers AcresFC Vita Azzurri0 - 7Cancoil Benfica
B37Wed, Jul-036:30 pmBarr Homes 2Grizzly's1 - 5Glenhaven United
A25Wed, Jul-038:30 pmW J HendersonSoccer Plus FC1 - 0Portuguese Benfica
C19*Thu, Jul-046:30 pmBarr HomesOvertime FC6 - 1Loyal Oarsman
C26*Fri, Jul-056:30 pmBarr Homes 1Iron Duke FC1 - 4Kingston Athletic
L14Fri, Jul-056:30 pmCaton's 2Progress Fitness Roma3 - 3The Keg FC
L15Fri, Jul-056:30 pmWoodbine 4Cancoil Benfica5 - 1Napanee FC I
L16Fri, Jul-056:30 pmW J HendersonPortuguese Benfica2 - 0Cataraqui II
L9Fri, Jul-056:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui I5 - 1Valhalla
L10Fri, Jul-058:30 pmW J HendersonRealtySource Red Bull1 - 7Soccer Plus FC
L13Fri, Jul-058:30 pmWoodbine 4Pilot House Nooners4 - 1Glenhaven United
N11*Sun, Jul-074:00 pmBarr HomesGrizzly's5 - 1Chez Piggy FC
N18Mon, Jul-086:30 pmBarr Homes 2Azores Eagles2 - 2Kingston Athletic
N20Mon, Jul-086:30 pmBarr Homes 1Chez Piggy FC0 - 6AIC
N21Mon, Jul-086:30 pmWoodbine 4Frontenac United0 - 4Iron Duke FC
N22Mon, Jul-086:30 pmWillie PrattJKL Rangers2 - 3Loyal Oarsman
N23Mon, Jul-088:30 pmWoodbine 4Barr Homes FC1 - 4Overtime FC
N24Mon, Jul-088:30 pmWillie PrattRyatt United SC4 - 0LCFC III
L20Tue, Jul-096:30 pmWoodbine 4Clippers2 - 4Portsmouth Celtic FC
L24Tue, Jul-096:30 pmBarr Homes 2Napanee FC I2 - 2Cataraqui II
N17Tue, Jul-096:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCFB Kingston1 - 2Playtrium FC
N19Tue, Jul-096:30 pmBarr Homes 1Grizzly's4 - 2Cataraqui III
L18Tue, Jul-098:30 pmWoodbine 4Valhalla2 - 4RealtySource Red Bull
L17Wed, Jul-106:30 pmMarkers AcresSoccer Plus FC2 - 0Cataraqui I
L19Wed, Jul-106:30 pmBarr Homes 1FC Vita Azzurri0 - 3Pilot House LCFC I
L21Wed, Jul-106:30 pmBarr Homes 2Pilot House Nooners0 - 0Progress Fitness Roma
L22Wed, Jul-106:30 pmCaton's 1Glenhaven United0 - 2The Keg FC
L23Wed, Jul-108:30 pmW J HendersonCancoil Benfica3 - 3Portuguese Benfica
B24*Thu, Jul-116:30 pmBarr Homes 2JKL Rangers5 - 2CFB Kingston
A3*Fri, Jul-126:30 pmCaton's 1Progress Fitness Roma3 - 0FC Vita Azzurri
B19*Fri, Jul-126:30 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui II2 - 1Glenhaven United
B22*Fri, Jul-126:30 pmWoodbine 4RealtySource Red Bull3 - 5Portsmouth Celtic FC
L1*Fri, Jul-126:30 pmW J HendersonSoccer Plus FC0 - 0Valhalla
A19*Fri, Jul-128:30 pmWoodbine 4Cancoil Benfica3 - 1Pilot House LCFC I
C29*Fri, Jul-128:30 pmW J HendersonAIC2 - 4Loyal Oarsman
B23*Sun, Jul-146:00 pmBarr HomesClippers3 - 1Ryatt United SC
C44Mon, Jul-156:30 pmBarr Homes 1AIC3 - 1Iron Duke FC
C45Mon, Jul-156:30 pmBarr Homes 2LCFC III4 - 1Cataraqui III
C46Mon, Jul-156:30 pmWillie PrattFrontenac United2 - 4Kingston Athletic
C48Mon, Jul-156:30 pmWoodbine 4Chez Piggy FC1 - 5Loyal Oarsman
C43Mon, Jul-158:30 pmWoodbine 4Playtrium FC1 - 4Overtime FC
C47Mon, Jul-158:30 pmWillie PrattBarr Homes FC1 - 6Azores Eagles
B44Tue, Jul-166:30 pmWoodbine 4Clippers1 - 4The Keg FC
B46Tue, Jul-166:30 pmBarr Homes 2Cataraqui II0 - 4Grizzly's
B47Tue, Jul-166:30 pmBarr Homes 1Napanee FC I1 - 5Ryatt United SC
B48Tue, Jul-166:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonRealtySource Red Bull7 - 2CFB Kingston
B45Tue, Jul-168:30 pmWoodbine 4Valhalla2 - 3Portsmouth Celtic FC
B43*Wed, Jul-176:00 pmCaton's 1JKL Rangers1 - 5Glenhaven United
A29Wed, Jul-176:30 pmMarkers AcresPilot House LCFC I1 - 6Soccer Plus FC
A30Wed, Jul-176:30 pmBarr Homes 2Pilot House Nooners2 - 2Portuguese Benfica
A31Wed, Jul-176:30 pmBarr Homes 1FC Vita Azzurri1 - 3Progress Fitness Roma
A32Wed, Jul-178:30 pmW J HendersonCancoil Benfica0 - 3Cataraqui I
B20*Thu, Jul-186:30 pmBarr Homes 1Valhalla2 - 1The Keg FC
N25*Fri, Jul-196:00 pmW J HendersonAzores Eagles4 - 1JKL Rangers
B25*Fri, Jul-196:30 pmCaton's 2Glenhaven United6 - 1Napanee FC I
C28*Fri, Jul-196:30 pmCaton's 1Frontenac United0 - 4Playtrium FC
C49Mon, Jul-226:30 pmWillie PrattOvertime FC5 - 2AIC
C50Mon, Jul-226:30 pmWoodbine 4Iron Duke FC1 - 1Playtrium FC
C52 (f)Mon, Jul-226:30 pmBarr Homes 1Frontenac United0 - 3Loyal Oarsman
C53Mon, Jul-226:30 pmBarr Homes 2Azores Eagles9 - 2Chez Piggy FC
C51Mon, Jul-228:30 pmWillie PrattLCFC III0 - 2Kingston Athletic
C54Mon, Jul-228:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui III3 - 2Barr Homes FC
B50Tue, Jul-236:30 pmBarr Homes 1The Keg FC8 - 0JKL Rangers
B52Tue, Jul-236:30 pmWoodbine 4Portsmouth Celtic FC3 - 1Cataraqui II
B53Tue, Jul-236:30 pmBarr Homes 2Ryatt United SC3 - 3RealtySource Red Bull
B54Tue, Jul-236:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCFB Kingston2 - 1Grizzly's
B51Tue, Jul-238:30 pmWoodbine 4Napanee FC I3 - 1Valhalla
A36*Wed, Jul-246:00 pmCaton's 1Pilot House LCFC I1 - 3Cataraqui I
A33Wed, Jul-246:30 pmBarr Homes 2Soccer Plus FC2 - 0Pilot House Nooners
A35Wed, Jul-246:30 pmBarr Homes 1Progress Fitness Roma5 - 1Cancoil Benfica
B49Wed, Jul-246:30 pmMarkers AcresGlenhaven United5 - 1Clippers
A34Wed, Jul-248:30 pmW J HendersonFC Vita Azzurri0 - 3Portuguese Benfica
C27*Thu, Jul-256:30 pmBarr HomesLCFC III4 - 1Barr Homes FC
L25*Fri, Jul-266:00 pmBarr HomesSoccer Plus FC1 - 4Progress Fitness Roma
L27Fri, Jul-266:00 pmWoodbine 4Pilot House LCFC I0 - 4Portuguese Benfica
N26*Fri, Jul-266:30 pmCaton's 2Iron Duke FC2 - 0Kingston Athletic
L28Fri, Jul-268:00 pmWoodbine 4Cancoil Benfica2 - 1FC Vita Azzurri
N28*Sun, Jul-283:15 pmBarr HomesRyatt United SC2 - 1Cataraqui III
C57Mon, Jul-296:30 pmBarr Homes 1LCFC III2 - 1Azores Eagles
C58Mon, Jul-296:30 pmWillie PrattFrontenac United2 - 2Cataraqui III
C59Mon, Jul-296:30 pmBarr Homes 2Loyal Oarsman0 - 2Playtrium FC
C60Mon, Jul-296:30 pmWoodbine 4Kingston Athletic3 - 0AIC
C55Mon, Jul-298:30 pmWillie PrattBarr Homes FC2 - 5Overtime FC
C56Mon, Jul-298:30 pmWoodbine 4Chez Piggy FC1 - 5Iron Duke FC
B56Tue, Jul-306:30 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCFB Kingston2 - 6The Keg FC
B58Tue, Jul-306:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui II3 - 4RealtySource Red Bull
B59Tue, Jul-306:30 pmBarr Homes 1JKL Rangers0 - 4Portsmouth Celtic FC
B60Tue, Jul-306:30 pmBarr Homes 2Clippers0 - 2Napanee FC I
B57Tue, Jul-308:30 pmWoodbine 4Valhalla3 - 1Grizzly's
B55*Wed, Jul-316:00 pmCaton's 1Ryatt United SC0 - 0Glenhaven United
A37Wed, Jul-316:30 pmBarr Homes 2Soccer Plus FC6 - 1FC Vita Azzurri
A38Wed, Jul-316:30 pmMarkers AcresPortuguese Benfica3 - 4Cancoil Benfica
A40Wed, Jul-316:30 pmBarr Homes 1Cataraqui I1 - 1Pilot House Nooners
A39Wed, Jul-318:30 pmW J HendersonProgress Fitness Roma2 - 1Pilot House LCFC I
N27*Thu, Aug-016:30 pmW J HendersonGrizzly's1 - 4Overtime FC
C62Mon, Aug-056:00 pmBarr Homes 1Iron Duke FC0 - 3Barr Homes FC
C65Mon, Aug-056:00 pmBarr Homes 2Playtrium FC4 - 3Kingston Athletic
C63Mon, Aug-056:30 pmWoodbine 4Loyal Oarsman1 - 1LCFC III
C66*Mon, Aug-056:30 pmW J HendersonAIC1 - 1Cataraqui III
C61*Mon, Aug-058:30 pmW J HendersonOvertime FC5 - 0Chez Piggy FC
C64Mon, Aug-058:30 pmWoodbine 4Azores Eagles5 - 1Frontenac United
B61Tue, Aug-066:00 pmCFBK - McNaughtonGlenhaven United3 - 0CFB Kingston
B64Tue, Aug-066:00 pmBarr Homes 2Cataraqui II3 - 2Napanee FC I
B66Tue, Aug-066:00 pmBarr Homes 1Grizzly's3 - 2JKL Rangers
B65Tue, Aug-066:30 pmWoodbine 4Portsmouth Celtic FC1 - 4Clippers
B63Tue, Aug-068:30 pmWoodbine 4Valhalla2 - 4RealtySource Red Bull
A41Wed, Aug-076:00 pmBarr Homes 1Cancoil Benfica3 - 9Soccer Plus FC
A42Wed, Aug-076:00 pmCaton's 1Pilot House LCFC I1 - 0Portuguese Benfica
A43Wed, Aug-076:00 pmMarkers AcresPilot House Nooners1 - 3Progress Fitness Roma
A44Wed, Aug-076:00 pmBarr Homes 2FC Vita Azzurri3 - 5Cataraqui I
B62Wed, Aug-078:30 pmW J HendersonThe Keg FC4 - 1Ryatt United SC
L26*Fri, Aug-096:00 pmCaton's 2The Keg FC0 - 4Cataraqui I
C67Mon, Aug-126:00 pmBarr Homes 1Overtime FC3 - 0Azores Eagles
C68Mon, Aug-126:00 pmBarr Homes 2Kingston Athletic4 - 3LCFC III
C70Mon, Aug-126:30 pmWoodbine 4Playtrium FC3 - 0AIC
C71Mon, Aug-126:30 pmW J HendersonIron Duke FC8 - 0Chez Piggy FC
C69Mon, Aug-128:30 pmW J HendersonLoyal Oarsman4 - 3Cataraqui III
C72Mon, Aug-128:30 pmWoodbine 4Barr Homes FC2 - 2Frontenac United
B69Tue, Aug-136:00 pmBarr Homes 2Ryatt United SC1 - 0Grizzly's
B70Tue, Aug-136:00 pmBarr Homes 1RealtySource Red Bull4 - 1Napanee FC I
B68Tue, Aug-136:30 pmWoodbine 4Portsmouth Celtic FC2 - 1The Keg FC
B72Tue, Aug-138:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui II3 - 3JKL Rangers
A45*Wed, Aug-146:00 pmMarkers AcresSoccer Plus FC3 - 1Cataraqui I
A46Wed, Aug-146:00 pmBarr Homes 2Portuguese Benfica3 - 1Progress Fitness Roma
A47*Wed, Aug-146:00 pmBarr Homes 1Pilot House LCFC I8 - 0Cancoil Benfica
A48Wed, Aug-146:00 pmCaton's 1Pilot House Nooners1 - 4FC Vita Azzurri
B67Wed, Aug-148:30 pmW J HendersonGlenhaven United6 - 0Valhalla
B71Fri, Aug-166:00 pmCFBK - McNaughtonClippers1 - 3CFB Kingston
N30Fri, Aug-166:00 pmWoodbine 4Iron Duke FC1 - 3Ryatt United SC
L29*Fri, Aug-167:00 pmW J HendersonProgress Fitness Roma0 - 3Portuguese Benfica
N29Fri, Aug-168:00 pmWoodbine 4Azores Eagles3 - 2Overtime FC
C75Mon, Aug-196:00 pmBarr Homes 2AIC1 - 1Loyal Oarsman
C76Mon, Aug-196:00 pmBarr Homes 1Playtrium FC1 - 1Cataraqui III
L30*Mon, Aug-196:00 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui I5 - 0Cancoil Benfica
C74Mon, Aug-196:30 pmW J HendersonKingston Athletic1 - 5Azores Eagles
C77Mon, Aug-196:30 pmWoodbine 4Frontenac United0 - 1Iron Duke FC
C73Mon, Aug-198:30 pmWoodbine 4LCFC III4 - 1Overtime FC
C78Mon, Aug-198:30 pmW J HendersonBarr Homes FC6 - 3Chez Piggy FC
B76Tue, Aug-206:00 pmBarr Homes 1RealtySource Red Bull1 - 3Grizzly's
B77Tue, Aug-206:00 pmBarr Homes 2JKL Rangers10 - 4Clippers
B78Tue, Aug-206:00 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCataraqui II5 - 1CFB Kingston
B75Tue, Aug-206:30 pmWoodbine 4Napanee FC I2 - 0Ryatt United SC
B74Tue, Aug-208:30 pmWoodbine 4Valhalla1 - 2Portsmouth Celtic FC
A50Wed, Aug-216:00 pmMarkers AcresCataraqui I0 - 0Portuguese Benfica
A51Wed, Aug-216:00 pmBarr Homes 2FC Vita Azzurri3 - 0Pilot House LCFC I
A52 (f)Wed, Aug-216:00 pmBarr Homes 1Cancoil Benfica0 - 3Pilot House Nooners
B73Wed, Aug-216:00 pmCaton's 1Glenhaven United2 - 0The Keg FC
A49*Wed, Aug-218:30 pmW J HendersonProgress Fitness Roma2 - 9Soccer Plus FC
N31Sun, Aug-251:00 pmBarr Homes 1Azores Eagles3 - 2Ryatt United SC
L31Sun, Aug-253:00 pmBarr Homes 1Portuguese Benfica0 - 1Cataraqui I
C81Mon, Aug-266:00 pmBarr Homes 1Loyal Oarsman0 - 5Playtrium FC
C82Mon, Aug-266:00 pmBarr Homes 2Cataraqui III2 - 3AIC
C79 (f)Mon, Aug-266:30 pmW J HendersonOvertime FC0 - 3Kingston Athletic
C80Mon, Aug-266:30 pmWoodbine 4Azores Eagles1 - 2LCFC III
C83Mon, Aug-268:30 pmWoodbine 4Iron Duke FC3 - 1Barr Homes FC
C84Mon, Aug-268:30 pmW J HendersonChez Piggy FC7 - 1Frontenac United
B81Tue, Aug-276:00 pmBarr Homes 1Ryatt United SC1 - 2RealtySource Red Bull
B83Tue, Aug-276:00 pmBarr Homes 2Clippers0 - 8Cataraqui II
B84Tue, Aug-276:00 pmCFBK - McNaughtonCFB Kingston0 - 4JKL Rangers
B82Tue, Aug-276:30 pmWoodbine 4Grizzly's2 - 3Napanee FC I
B80Tue, Aug-278:30 pmWoodbine 4The Keg FC0 - 4Valhalla
A53Wed, Aug-286:00 pmCaton's 1Portuguese Benfica0 - 4Soccer Plus FC
A54 (f)Wed, Aug-286:00 pmBarr Homes 1Cataraqui I3 - 0Progress Fitness Roma
A55Wed, Aug-286:00 pmMarkers AcresPilot House Nooners1 - 0Pilot House LCFC I
A56Wed, Aug-286:00 pmBarr Homes 2Cancoil Benfica4 - 2FC Vita Azzurri
B79Wed, Aug-288:30 pmW J HendersonPortsmouth Celtic FC2 - 4Glenhaven United
B85Fri, Aug-306:00 pmCaton's 2The Keg FC2 - 1CFB Kingston
B86 (f)Fri, Aug-306:00 pmWoodbine 4Napanee FC I3 - 0Clippers
B87Fri, Aug-306:00 pmW J HendersonRyatt United SC6 - 0JKL Rangers
B88Fri, Aug-306:00 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui II3 - 2Grizzly's
C85Mon, Sep-026:00 pmBarr Homes 1Loyal Oarsman3 - 2Frontenac United
C86Mon, Sep-026:00 pmBarr Homes 2Playtrium FC3 - 0Chez Piggy FC
C87Mon, Sep-026:00 pmWoodbine 4Iron Duke FC2 - 0Cataraqui III
C88Mon, Sep-028:00 pmWoodbine 4AIC1 - 2Barr Homes FC
B89Tue, Sep-036:00 pmBarr Homes 1Glenhaven United4 - 1Cataraqui II
B90 (f)Tue, Sep-036:00 pmBarr Homes 2Portsmouth Celtic FC0 - 3Ryatt United SC
B91Tue, Sep-036:00 pmWoodbine 4RealtySource Red Bull1 - 0Napanee FC I
B92Tue, Sep-038:00 pmWoodbine 4Valhalla2 - 1The Keg FC
A57Wed, Sep-046:00 pmCaton's 1Soccer Plus FC4 - 0Pilot House LCFC I
A58Wed, Sep-046:00 pmMarkers AcresProgress Fitness Roma1 - 1Pilot House Nooners
Penalty Kicks(5 - 3)
A59Wed, Sep-046:00 pmBarr Homes 1Portuguese Benfica1 - 0FC Vita Azzurri
A60Wed, Sep-046:00 pmBarr Homes 2Cataraqui I6 - 4Cancoil Benfica
C89Fri, Sep-066:00 pmWoodbine 4Overtime FC1 - 1Barr Homes FC
Penalty Kicks(1 - 4)
C90Fri, Sep-066:00 pmCaton's 2LCFC III2 - 1Iron Duke FC
C91Fri, Sep-066:00 pmCaton's 1Kingston Athletic2 - 3Playtrium FC
C92Fri, Sep-068:00 pmWoodbine 4Azores Eagles3 - 2Loyal Oarsman
C93Mon, Sep-096:00 pmBarr Homes 1LCFC III1 - 1Barr Homes FC
Penalty Kicks(3 - 4)
C94Mon, Sep-096:00 pmBarr Homes 2Azores Eagles1 - 0Playtrium FC
B93Tue, Sep-106:00 pmBarr Homes 1Glenhaven United2 - 0Ryatt United SC
B94Tue, Sep-106:00 pmBarr Homes 2RealtySource Red Bull0 - 2Valhalla
A61Wed, Sep-116:00 pmBarr Homes 1Soccer Plus FC4 - 1Cataraqui I
A62Wed, Sep-116:00 pmBarr Homes 2Progress Fitness Roma1 - 2Portuguese Benfica
C95Sun, Sep-1511:00 amBarr Homes 1Azores Eagles3 - 0Barr Homes FC
B95Sun, Sep-151:00 pmBarr Homes 1Glenhaven United1 - 2Valhalla
A63Sun, Sep-153:00 pmBarr Homes 1Soccer Plus FC2 - 1Portuguese Benfica