GKSSA - 2019-20 Indoor Schedule
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All Competitions

Game Date ↑ Time Field Home Score Visitors
O2Sun, Jan-057:00 pmKTI 2A-Greenshield Pest Control FC2 - 1B1-Paradiso Pizza
O10Sun, Jan-127:00 pmKTI 2B1-Paradiso Pizza2 - 0C-Calm River Events
O19Sun, Jan-197:00 pmKTI 3B1-Paradiso Pizza4 - 3B1-Cataraqui I
O31Sun, Jan-268:00 pmKTI 3A-Boca Nooners5 - 1B1-Paradiso Pizza
O39Sun, Feb-098:00 pmKTI 3B1-Paradiso Pizza6 - 2C-Independent FC
O43Sun, Feb-167:00 pmKTI 3B1-Winmar1 - 2B1-Paradiso Pizza
O52Sun, Feb-237:00 pmKTI 4A-Limestone City5 - 1B1-Paradiso Pizza
O64Sun, Mar-018:00 pmKTI 4B1-Paradiso Pizza3 - 1C-Xtirpation FC
O68Sun, Mar-087:00 pmKTI 4B1-Paradiso Pizza2 - 1B1-Legacy FC
O73*   –– to be determined –A-Junior Gaelsvs.B1-Paradiso Pizza
O85*   –– to be determined –B1-Paradiso Pizzavs.C-AIC