GKSSA - 2018 Outdoor Schedule

Games To Be Rescheduled

– recent or upcoming games that have been postponed

To Be Rescheduled
A24Kingston Blues FCPortuguese BenficaWed, Jul-11John Machin Turf

Rescheduled Games

– upcoming games that were previously scheduled for a different date, time, or field

Rescheduled Date and FieldWas at
B39The Keg FCPita Pit Empire CourtTomorrow @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes 2Tue, Jul-24 @ 6:30 PM
B38Grizzly'sValhallaTomorrow @ 8:30 pmWoodbine 5Tue, Jul-24 @ 8:30 PM
B40Paradiso PizzaCataraqui IITomorrow @ 8:30 pmWoodbine 4Tue, Jul-24 @ 8:30 PM
C32Cancoil BenficaJimmy's Sports Lounge SCThu, Jul-19 @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes 3Mon, Jul-09 @ 6:30 PM
B35Cataraqui IIThe Keg FCTue, Jul-24 @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes 4Tomorrow @ 6:30 PM
B36Pita Pit Empire CourtParadiso PizzaTue, Jul-24 @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes 3Tomorrow @ 6:30 PM
B33Grizzly'sCFB KingstonTue, Jul-24 @ 8:30 pmWoodbine 4Tomorrow @ 8:30 PM
B34ValhallaFC LegacyTue, Jul-24 @ 8:30 pmWoodbine 5Tomorrow @ 8:30 PM
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