GKSSA - 2019-20 Indoor Schedule
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Indoor Masters Division Games

Game Date ↓ Time Field Home Score Visitors
M36*   –– to be determined –Loser M33vs.Loser M31
M35*   –– to be determined –Loser M32vs.Winner M33
M34*   –– to be determined –Winner M31vs.Winner M32
M33*   –– to be determined –Frontenac Jewellersvs.Skeleton Park Rangers
M32*   –– to be determined –Cataraqui IIIvs.Portuguese Benfica
M31*   –– to be determined –Cataraqui IIvs.Red House
M30Mon, Mar-099:00 pmKTI 3Cataraqui III6 - 2Portuguese Benfica
M29Mon, Mar-099:00 pmKTI 2Frontenac Jewellers2 - 8Cataraqui II
M28Mon, Mar-099:00 pmKTI 4Skeleton Park Rangers0 - 4Red House
M27 (f)Mon, Mar-029:00 pmKTI 3Cataraqui III3 - 0Skeleton Park Rangers
M26Mon, Mar-029:00 pmKTI 2Frontenac Jewellers2 - 1Red House
M25Mon, Mar-029:00 pmKTI 4Cataraqui II5 - 2Portuguese Benfica
M24Mon, Feb-249:00 pmKTI 3Red House2 - 4Cataraqui II
M23Mon, Feb-249:00 pmKTI 2Frontenac Jewellers1 - 1Cataraqui III
M22Mon, Feb-249:00 pmKTI 1Portuguese Benfica0 - 3Skeleton Park Rangers
M21Mon, Feb-178:00 pmKTI 3Red House0 - 6Cataraqui III
M20Mon, Feb-178:00 pmKTI 2Cataraqui II10 - 2Skeleton Park Rangers
M19Mon, Feb-178:00 pmKTI 1Portuguese Benfica6 - 2Frontenac Jewellers
M18Mon, Feb-108:00 pmKTI 3Red House5 - 2Portuguese Benfica
M17Mon, Feb-108:00 pmKTI 2Skeleton Park Rangers2 - 0Frontenac Jewellers
M16Mon, Feb-108:00 pmKTI 1Cataraqui II1 - 3Cataraqui III
M15Mon, Feb-038:00 pmKTI 3Portuguese Benfica1 - 8Cataraqui III
M14Mon, Feb-038:00 pmKTI 2Cataraqui II3 - 1Frontenac Jewellers
M13Mon, Feb-038:00 pmKTI 1Red House4 - 2Skeleton Park Rangers
M12Mon, Jan-278:00 pmKTI 3Skeleton Park Rangers1 - 9Cataraqui III
M11Mon, Jan-278:00 pmKTI 2Red House1 - 3Frontenac Jewellers
M10Mon, Jan-278:00 pmKTI 1Portuguese Benfica1 - 4Cataraqui II
M9Mon, Jan-208:00 pmKTI 3Cataraqui II4 - 0Red House
M8Mon, Jan-208:00 pmKTI 2Cataraqui III5 - 0Frontenac Jewellers
M7Mon, Jan-208:00 pmKTI 1Skeleton Park Rangers1 - 5Portuguese Benfica
M6Mon, Jan-138:00 pmKTI 3Cataraqui III5 - 1Red House
M5Mon, Jan-138:00 pmKTI 2Skeleton Park Rangers1 - 7Cataraqui II
M4Mon, Jan-138:00 pmKTI 1Frontenac Jewellers1 - 2Portuguese Benfica
M3Mon, Jan-068:00 pmKTI 3Portuguese Benfica4 - 3Red House
M2Mon, Jan-068:00 pmKTI 2Frontenac Jewellers1 - 1Skeleton Park Rangers
M1Mon, Jan-068:00 pmKTI 1Cataraqui III1 - 2Cataraqui II