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Game Date ↑ Time Field Home Score Visitors
A1Tue, May-216:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia9 - 0ISI
A2Tue, May-216:30 pmUnknownVita Inter1 - 2Sporting
A3Tue, May-216:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners2 - 6Queen's Inn
A5Tue, May-216:30 pmUnknownClippers I0 - 1Pegasus
A6Wed, May-226:30 pmUnknownRangers I3 - 1Leeds United
A7Wed, May-226:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I0 - 4Shoppers-Prudential
A8Wed, May-226:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United1 - 4Portuguese Benfica
A9Wed, May-226:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever5 - 1Chievo
A10Thu, May-236:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus5 - 0Brockville Reds
C1Fri, May-246:30 pmUnknownJankins FC2 - 3Loyal Oarsman
C2Fri, May-246:30 pmUnknownBombardier1 - 1The Ports
C3Fri, May-246:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods1 - 0Cosme Auto
C4Fri, May-246:30 pmUnknownBrandees6 - 1Rangers II
C5Fri, May-246:30 pmUnknownClippers II0 - 7Valhalla
A4Sun, May-266:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars6 - 0Loyalist
C10Mon, May-276:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman3 - 1Brandees
C11Mon, May-276:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto3 - 0Cataraqui III
C6Mon, May-276:30 pmUnknownStages1 - 4Jankins FC
C7Mon, May-276:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II2 - 0Medeiros Foods
C8Mon, May-276:30 pmUnknownRangers II5 - 0Clippers II
C9Mon, May-276:30 pmUnknownValhalla2 - 1Bombardier
A11Tue, May-286:30 pmUnknownPegasus2 - 3Vita Inter
A12Tue, May-286:30 pmUnknownISI0 - 11Yellow Fever
A13Tue, May-286:30 pmUnknownSporting1 - 0SH Juventus
A14Tue, May-286:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds0 - 8Calabria Italia
A15Tue, May-286:30 pmUnknownLoyalist2 - 9Cocamo Nooners
A16Tue, May-286:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn1 - 1Clippers I
A17Wed, May-296:30 pmUnknownChievo4 - 5Kelsey's United
A18Wed, May-296:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential2 - 3Rangers I
A19Wed, May-296:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica4 - 0Cataraqui I
A20Wed, May-296:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars4 - 0Leeds United
C12Fri, May-316:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III1 - 0Cataraqui II
C13Fri, May-316:30 pmUnknownBrandees8 - 2Stages
C14Fri, May-316:30 pmUnknownThe Ports0 - 4Valhalla
C15Fri, May-316:30 pmUnknownClippers II1 - 17Loyal Oarsman
C16Fri, May-316:30 pmUnknownJankins FC3 - 3Cosme Auto
C17Mon, Jun-036:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II1 - 1Jankins FC
C18Mon, Jun-036:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman1 - 1Bombardier
C19Mon, Jun-036:30 pmUnknownRangers II3 - 2The Ports
C20Mon, Jun-036:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto2 - 6Brandees
C21Mon, Jun-036:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods4 - 1Cataraqui III
C22Mon, Jun-036:30 pmUnknownStages6 - 4Clippers II
A21Tue, Jun-046:30 pmUnknownVita Inter2 - 2Queen's Inn
A22Tue, Jun-046:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners1 - 3Junior Stars
A23Tue, Jun-046:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United7 - 2ISI
A24Tue, Jun-046:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia2 - 3Sporting
A25Tue, Jun-046:30 pmUnknownClippers I3 - 0Loyalist
A26Wed, Jun-056:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus4 - 0Pegasus
A27Wed, Jun-056:30 pmUnknownLeeds United0 - 3Shoppers-Prudential
A28Wed, Jun-056:30 pmUnknownRangers I2 - 5Portuguese Benfica
A29Wed, Jun-056:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I1 - 3Chievo
A30*Wed, Jun-056:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever6 - 2Brockville Reds
NC1Fri, Jun-076:30 pmUnknownBombardier1 - 4Valhalla
NC2Fri, Jun-076:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman11 - 1Clippers II
NC3Fri, Jun-076:30 pmUnknownThe Ports4 - 1Stages
NC4Fri, Jun-076:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods1 - 0Cataraqui III
NC5Fri, Jun-076:30 pmUnknownJankins FC2 - 9Brandees
C23Mon, Jun-106:30 pmUnknownJankins FC6 - 3Medeiros Foods
C24Mon, Jun-106:30 pmUnknownBrandees1 - 3Cataraqui II
C25Mon, Jun-106:30 pmUnknownThe Ports0 - 1Loyal Oarsman
C26Mon, Jun-106:30 pmUnknownValhalla5 - 0Rangers II
C27Mon, Jun-106:30 pmUnknownBombardier6 - 1Stages
C28Mon, Jun-106:30 pmUnknownClippers II2 - 9Cosme Auto
A31Tue, Jun-116:30 pmUnknownPegasus1 - 1Calabria Italia
A32Tue, Jun-116:30 pmUnknownISI1 - 5Cataraqui I
A33Tue, Jun-116:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn1 - 8SH Juventus
A34Tue, Jun-116:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds3 - 6Kelsey's United
A35Tue, Jun-116:30 pmUnknownLoyalist1 - 5Vita Inter
A36Tue, Jun-116:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners2 - 3Clippers I
A37Wed, Jun-126:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential2 - 2Junior Stars
A38Wed, Jun-126:30 pmUnknownSporting5 - 2Yellow Fever
A39Wed, Jun-126:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica6 - 1Leeds United
A40Wed, Jun-126:30 pmUnknownChievo0 - 3Rangers I
C29Fri, Jun-146:30 pmUnknownStages3 - 4The Ports
C30Fri, Jun-146:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods0 - 5Brandees
C31Fri, Jun-146:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto1 - 1Bombardier
C32Fri, Jun-146:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III7 - 2Jankins FC
C34Mon, Jun-176:30 pmUnknownBombardier1 - 2Cataraqui II
C35Mon, Jun-176:30 pmUnknownClippers II3 - 6Medeiros Foods
C36Mon, Jun-176:30 pmUnknownBrandees2 - 0Cataraqui III
C37Mon, Jun-176:30 pmUnknownValhalla4 - 5Stages
C38Mon, Jun-176:30 pmUnknownRangers II1 - 2Loyal Oarsman
A41Tue, Jun-186:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus10 - 0Loyalist
A42Tue, Jun-186:30 pmUnknownVita Inter3 - 1Cocamo Nooners
A43Tue, Jun-186:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever3 - 2Pegasus
A44Tue, Jun-186:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia6 - 1Queen's Inn
A45Tue, Jun-186:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars2 - 1Clippers I
A46Wed, Jun-196:30 pmUnknownRangers I4 - 0ISI
A47Wed, Jun-196:30 pmUnknownLeeds United2 - 4Chievo
A48Wed, Jun-196:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential2 - 10Portuguese Benfica
A49Wed, Jun-196:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United2 - 2Sporting
A50Wed, Jun-196:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I1 - 2Brockville Reds
AC1Fri, Jun-216:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars1 - 2Vita Inter
AC2Fri, Jun-216:30 pmUnknownPegasus5 - 1Loyalist
AC3 (f)Fri, Jun-216:30 pmUnknownClippers I0 - 2Queen's Inn
AC4Fri, Jun-216:30 pmUnknownLeeds United5 - 2ISI
AC5Fri, Jun-216:30 pmUnknownChievo1 - 8Cataraqui I
C33Fri, Jun-216:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II4 - 1Clippers II
PC1Sat, Jun-226:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners1 - 2SH Juventus
PC2Sat, Jun-226:30 pmUnknownSporting4 - 3Rangers I
PC3 (f)Sat, Jun-226:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United0 - 2Portuguese Benfica
PC4Sat, Jun-226:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia9 - 0Brockville Reds
PC5Sat, Jun-226:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential0 - 1Yellow Fever
C40Mon, Jun-246:30 pmUnknownJankins FC3 - 1Brandees
C41Mon, Jun-246:30 pmUnknownRangers II2 - 1Stages
C42Mon, Jun-246:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods2 - 2Bombardier
C43Mon, Jun-246:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto0 - 1Valhalla
C44Mon, Jun-246:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II9 - 1The Ports
C45Mon, Jun-246:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III4 - 0Clippers II
A51Tue, Jun-256:30 pmUnknownPegasus5 - 1Kelsey's United
A52Tue, Jun-256:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners0 - 2SH Juventus
A53Tue, Jun-256:30 pmUnknownLoyalist0 - 12Calabria Italia
A54Tue, Jun-256:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds1 - 6Rangers I
A55Tue, Jun-256:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn1 - 5Yellow Fever
A56Tue, Jun-256:30 pmUnknownClippers I1 - 3Vita Inter
A57Wed, Jun-266:30 pmUnknownISI0 - 1Leeds United
A58Wed, Jun-266:30 pmUnknownChievo0 - 1Shoppers-Prudential
A59aWed, Jun-266:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars1 - 2Portuguese Benfica
A60Wed, Jun-266:30 pmUnknownSporting7 - 1Cataraqui I
NC6Fri, Jun-286:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto0 - 2Rangers II
A61Tue, Jul-026:30 pmUnknownVita Inter0 - 1Junior Stars
A62Tue, Jul-026:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United4 - 3Queen's Inn
A63Tue, Jul-026:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever5 - 2Loyalist
A64Tue, Jul-026:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia4 - 2Cocamo Nooners
A65Tue, Jul-026:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus6 - 0Clippers I
A66Wed, Jul-036:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I1 - 1Pegasus
A67Wed, Jul-036:30 pmUnknownRangers I1 - 3Sporting
A68Wed, Jul-036:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica2 - 2Chievo
A69Wed, Jul-036:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential5 - 0ISI
A70Thu, Jul-046:30 pmUnknownLeeds United4 - 1Brockville Reds
C46*Fri, Jul-056:30 pmUnknownClippers II1 - 9Jankins FC
C47Fri, Jul-056:30 pmUnknownBombardier0 - 0Cataraqui III
C48Fri, Jul-056:30 pmUnknownRangers II2 - 1Cosme Auto
C49Fri, Jul-056:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman6 - 0Stages
C50aFri, Jul-056:30 pmUnknownValhalla0 - 2Cataraqui II
C51Mon, Jul-086:30 pmUnknownJankins FC2 - 0Bombardier
C52Mon, Jul-086:30 pmUnknownBrandees6 - 0Clippers II
C53Mon, Jul-086:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II4 - 0Rangers II
C54Mon, Jul-086:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods1 - 4Valhalla
C55Mon, Jul-086:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III2 - 1The Ports
C56Mon, Jul-086:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto0 - 0Loyal Oarsman
A71Tue, Jul-096:30 pmUnknownPegasus1 - 2Rangers I
A72Tue, Jul-096:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners2 - 2Yellow Fever
A73Tue, Jul-096:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn1 - 2Cataraqui I
A74Tue, Jul-096:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds3 - 8Shoppers-Prudential
A75Tue, Jul-096:30 pmUnknownVita Inter0 - 7SH Juventus
A76Tue, Jul-096:30 pmUnknownClippers I1 - 10Calabria Italia
A77Wed, Jul-106:30 pmUnknownChievo0 - 0Junior Stars
A78Wed, Jul-106:30 pmUnknownISI0 - 9Portuguese Benfica
A79Wed, Jul-106:30 pmUnknownLoyalist0 - 7Kelsey's United
A80Wed, Jul-106:30 pmUnknownSporting6 - 2Leeds United
AC6Fri, Jul-126:30 pmUnknownVita Inter2 - 0Pegasus
C57Fri, Jul-126:30 pmUnknownThe Ports0 - 1Cataraqui III
C58Fri, Jul-126:30 pmUnknownRangers II0 - 5Cataraqui II
C59Fri, Jul-126:30 pmUnknownValhalla3 - 0Medeiros Foods
PC6Fri, Jul-126:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus1 - 0Sporting
C60Mon, Jul-156:30 pmUnknownThe Ports1 - 1Jankins FC
C61Mon, Jul-156:30 pmUnknownBombardier2 - 3Brandees
C62Mon, Jul-156:30 pmUnknownRangers II2 - 1Medeiros Foods
C63Mon, Jul-156:30 pmUnknownStages2 - 1Cosme Auto
C64Mon, Jul-156:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman0 - 1Cataraqui II
C65Mon, Jul-156:30 pmUnknownValhalla2 - 1Cataraqui III
A81Tue, Jul-166:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners2 - 0Cataraqui I
A82Tue, Jul-166:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn3 - 4Leeds United
A83Tue, Jul-166:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars5 - 0ISI
A84Tue, Jul-166:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus5 - 1Calabria Italia
A85Tue, Jul-166:30 pmUnknownClippers I1 - 1Kelsey's United
A86Wed, Jul-176:30 pmUnknownVita Inter1 - 3Yellow Fever
A87Wed, Jul-176:30 pmUnknownLoyalist1 - 4Rangers I
A88Wed, Jul-176:30 pmUnknownSporting2 - 0Portuguese Benfica
A89Wed, Jul-176:30 pmUnknownPegasus4 - 4Shoppers-Prudential
A90Thu, Jul-186:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds0 - 3Chievo
A91Fri, Jul-196:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United3 - 3Cocamo Nooners
A92Fri, Jul-196:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia0 - 1Vita Inter
A93Fri, Jul-196:30 pmUnknownLeeds United3 - 2Pegasus
A94Fri, Jul-196:30 pmUnknownRangers I6 - 4Queen's Inn
A95Fri, Jul-196:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever3 - 0Clippers I
C66Mon, Jul-226:30 pmUnknownJankins FC0 - 0Valhalla
C67Mon, Jul-226:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III1 - 1Rangers II
C68Mon, Jul-226:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II7 - 1Stages
C69Mon, Jul-226:30 pmUnknownBrandees1 - 6The Ports
C70Mon, Jul-226:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods0 - 6Loyal Oarsman
C71Mon, Jul-226:30 pmUnknownClippers II1 - 5Bombardier
A100Tue, Jul-236:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I3 - 0Clippers I
A96Tue, Jul-236:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica0 - 0Pegasus
A97Tue, Jul-236:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential2 - 3Queen's Inn
A98Tue, Jul-236:30 pmUnknownLeeds United5 - 2Loyalist
A99Tue, Jul-236:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia3 - 3Junior Stars
A101Wed, Jul-246:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever0 - 4SH Juventus
A102Wed, Jul-246:30 pmUnknownRangers I3 - 1Cocamo Nooners
A103Wed, Jul-246:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United2 - 0Vita Inter
A104Wed, Jul-246:30 pmUnknownChievo1 - 3Sporting
A105Thu, Jul-256:30 pmUnknownISI1 - 11Brockville Reds
A106Fri, Jul-266:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars0 - 4SH Juventus
A108Fri, Jul-266:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I5 - 0Loyalist
A110Fri, Jul-266:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica7 - 0Brockville Reds
NC7Sun, Jul-286:30 pmUnknownValhalla2 - 1Cataraqui II
NC8Sun, Jul-286:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman5 - 2The Ports
NC9Sun, Jul-286:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods0 - 4Brandees
C72Mon, Jul-296:30 pmUnknownRangers II1 - 1Jankins FC
C73Mon, Jul-296:30 pmUnknownStages5 - 2Medeiros Foods
C74Mon, Jul-296:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman1 - 1Cataraqui III
C75Mon, Jul-296:30 pmUnknownValhalla2 - 0Brandees
C76Mon, Jul-296:30 pmUnknownThe Ports1 - 1Clippers II
C77Mon, Jul-296:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto1 - 1Cataraqui II
A111Tue, Jul-306:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia3 - 1Yellow Fever
A112Tue, Jul-306:30 pmUnknownVita Inter2 - 1Cataraqui I
A113Tue, Jul-306:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners4 - 2Leeds United
A114Tue, Jul-306:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn1 - 5Portuguese Benfica
A115Tue, Jul-306:30 pmUnknownClippers I0 - 3Rangers I
A116Wed, Jul-316:30 pmUnknownPegasus1 - 3Chievo
A117Wed, Jul-316:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus4 - 1Kelsey's United
A118Wed, Jul-316:30 pmUnknownLoyalist2 - 3Shoppers-Prudential
A119 (f)Wed, Jul-316:30 pmUnknownISI0 - 2Sporting
A120Thu, Aug-016:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars6 - 4Brockville Reds
C78Mon, Aug-056:30 pmUnknownJankins FC1 - 2Loyal Oarsman
C79Mon, Aug-056:30 pmUnknownBrandees1 - 2Rangers II
C80Mon, Aug-056:30 pmUnknownBombardier1 - 1The Ports
C81Mon, Aug-056:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods1 - 2Cosme Auto
C82Mon, Aug-056:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III8 - 2Stages
C83Mon, Aug-056:30 pmUnknownClippers II2 - 3Valhalla
A121Tue, Aug-066:30 pmUnknownISI2 - 2Pegasus
A122Tue, Aug-066:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I0 - 6SH Juventus
A123Tue, Aug-066:30 pmUnknownChievo3 - 3Queen's Inn
A124Tue, Aug-066:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds0 - 9Sporting
A125Tue, Aug-066:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars1 - 0Yellow Fever
A126Tue, Aug-066:30 pmUnknownLeeds United2 - 5Clippers I
A127Wed, Aug-076:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United1 - 1Calabria Italia
A128Wed, Aug-076:30 pmUnknownRangers I1 - 0Vita Inter
A129Wed, Aug-076:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica9 - 1Loyalist
A130Wed, Aug-076:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential4 - 1Cocamo Nooners
AC7Fri, Aug-096:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn5 - 3Leeds United
AC8Fri, Aug-096:30 pmUnknownVita Inter4 - 0Cataraqui I
C39Fri, Aug-096:30 pmUnknownThe Ports0 - 1Cosme Auto
NC10Fri, Aug-096:30 pmUnknownRangers II3 - 2Valhalla
NC11Fri, Aug-096:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman0 - 5Brandees
A109Sun, Aug-116:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential2 - 3Sporting
PC7Sun, Aug-116:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica0 - 1Calabria Italia
PC8Sun, Aug-116:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever0 - 4SH Juventus
C84Mon, Aug-126:30 pmUnknownStages0 - 1Jankins FC
C85Mon, Aug-126:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II2 - 0Medeiros Foods
C86Mon, Aug-126:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman1 - 2Brandees
C87*Mon, Aug-126:30 pmUnknownValhalla4 - 0Bombardier
C88*Mon, Aug-126:30 pmUnknownRangers II3 - 0Clippers II
C89Mon, Aug-126:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto0 - 0Cataraqui III
A131Tue, Aug-136:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia5 - 0Cataraqui I
A132Tue, Aug-136:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn5 - 5ISI
A133Tue, Aug-136:30 pmUnknownVita Inter1 - 3Leeds United
A134Tue, Aug-136:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever1 - 1Kelsey's United
A135Tue, Aug-136:30 pmUnknownClippers I4 - 3Shoppers-Prudential
A136Wed, Aug-146:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars3 - 3Sporting
A137Wed, Aug-146:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus1 - 0Rangers I
A138Wed, Aug-146:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners1 - 2Portuguese Benfica
A139Wed, Aug-146:30 pmUnknownLoyalist1 - 14Chievo
A140 (f)Thu, Aug-156:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds2 - 0Pegasus
A141Fri, Aug-166:30 pmUnknownPegasus2 - 4Junior Stars
A142 (f)Fri, Aug-166:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners2 - 0ISI
A143Fri, Aug-166:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia4 - 1Leeds United
A144 (f)Fri, Aug-166:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn0 - 2Sporting
A145Fri, Aug-166:30 pmUnknownClippers I0 - 1Chievo
C90Mon, Aug-196:30 pmUnknownJankins FC1 - 2Cosme Auto
C91Mon, Aug-196:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III1 - 1Cataraqui II
C92Mon, Aug-196:30 pmUnknownBombardier1 - 4Rangers II
C93Mon, Aug-196:30 pmUnknownThe Ports0 - 2Valhalla
C94Mon, Aug-196:30 pmUnknownBrandees9 - 0Stages
C95Mon, Aug-196:30 pmUnknownClippers II0 - 1Loyal Oarsman
A146Tue, Aug-206:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I0 - 4Yellow Fever
A147Tue, Aug-206:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United1 - 5Junior Stars
A148Tue, Aug-206:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds1 - 3Queen's Inn
A149Tue, Aug-206:30 pmUnknownRangers I0 - 5Calabria Italia
A150Tue, Aug-206:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica2 - 1Clippers I
A151Wed, Aug-216:30 pmUnknownISI3 - 2Loyalist
A152Wed, Aug-216:30 pmUnknownChievo1 - 0Cocamo Nooners
A153Wed, Aug-216:30 pmUnknownLeeds United0 - 8SH Juventus
A154Wed, Aug-216:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential6 - 0Vita Inter
A155Wed, Aug-216:30 pmUnknownSporting1 - 0Pegasus
A107Thu, Aug-226:30 pmUnknownChievo13 - 1ISI
A156Fri, Aug-236:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United2 - 2Cataraqui I
A157Fri, Aug-236:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus7 - 1Shoppers-Prudential
A158Fri, Aug-236:30 pmUnknownVita Inter2 - 4Portuguese Benfica
A159Fri, Aug-236:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever3 - 4Rangers I
A160Fri, Aug-236:30 pmUnknownLoyalist2 - 3Brockville Reds
AC9Sun, Aug-256:30 pmUnknownVita Inter2 - 1Queen's Inn
PC9Sun, Aug-256:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia1 - 2SH Juventus
C100Mon, Aug-266:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods0 - 1Cataraqui III
C101*Mon, Aug-266:30 pmUnknownStages5 - 5Clippers II
C96Mon, Aug-266:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II3 - 1Jankins FC
C97Mon, Aug-266:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman0 - 1Bombardier
C98Mon, Aug-266:30 pmUnknownRangers II1 - 2The Ports
C99Mon, Aug-266:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto1 - 1Brandees
A161Tue, Aug-276:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars7 - 0Cataraqui I
A162Tue, Aug-276:30 pmUnknownSporting11 - 2Loyalist
A163*Tue, Aug-276:30 pmUnknownLeeds United1 - 3Yellow Fever
A164Tue, Aug-276:30 pmUnknownPegasus0 - 6Queen's Inn
A165Tue, Aug-276:30 pmUnknownISI1 - 0Clippers I
A166Wed, Aug-286:30 pmUnknownRangers I0 - 4Kelsey's United
A167Wed, Aug-286:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential2 - 0Calabria Italia
A168Wed, Aug-286:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica1 - 2SH Juventus
A169Wed, Aug-286:30 pmUnknownChievo6 - 3Vita Inter
A170Wed, Aug-286:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds3 - 3Cocamo Nooners
A171 (f)Tue, Sep-036:30 pmUnknownVita Inter0 - 2ISI
A172Tue, Sep-036:30 pmUnknownQueen's Inn0 - 2Junior Stars
A173 (f)Tue, Sep-036:30 pmUnknownCalabria Italia2 - 0Portuguese Benfica
A174Tue, Sep-036:30 pmUnknownCocamo Nooners4 - 8Sporting
A175Tue, Sep-036:30 pmUnknownPegasus2 - 2Loyalist
A176Wed, Sep-046:30 pmUnknownYellow Fever0 - 0Shoppers-Prudential
A177Wed, Sep-046:30 pmUnknownCataraqui I5 - 1Rangers I
A178Wed, Sep-046:30 pmUnknownKelsey's United6 - 3Leeds United
A179Wed, Sep-046:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus4 - 0Chievo
A180Wed, Sep-046:30 pmUnknownClippers I1 - 3Brockville Reds
A59 (f)Thu, Sep-056:30 pmUnknownJunior Stars2 - 0Portuguese Benfica
C102Fri, Sep-066:30 pmUnknownThe Ports1 - 2Loyal Oarsman
C103Fri, Sep-066:30 pmUnknownJankins FC5 - 2Medeiros Foods
C104Fri, Sep-066:30 pmUnknownValhalla3 - 0Rangers II
C105 (f)Fri, Sep-066:30 pmUnknownBombardier2 - 0Stages
C106Fri, Sep-066:30 pmUnknownBrandees0 - 5Cataraqui II
C107Mon, Sep-096:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III4 - 0Jankins FC
C108Mon, Sep-096:30 pmUnknownCataraqui II5 - 1Clippers II
C109 (f)Mon, Sep-096:30 pmUnknownStages0 - 2The Ports
C110Mon, Sep-096:30 pmUnknownCosme Auto4 - 2Bombardier
C111Mon, Sep-096:30 pmUnknownMedeiros Foods2 - 12Brandees
C112Mon, Sep-096:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman1 - 1Valhalla
A181 (f)Tue, Sep-106:30 pmUnknownSH Juventus2 - 0ISI
A182Tue, Sep-106:30 pmUnknownLoyalist1 - 4Queen's Inn
A183Tue, Sep-106:30 pmUnknownLeeds United2 - 5Cataraqui I
A184Tue, Sep-106:30 pmUnknownChievo3 - 3Calabria Italia
A185Tue, Sep-106:30 pmUnknownSporting4 - 0Clippers I
A186Wed, Sep-116:30 pmUnknownPegasus3 - 1Cocamo Nooners
A187Wed, Sep-116:30 pmUnknownRangers I0 - 2Junior Stars
A188 (f)Wed, Sep-116:30 pmUnknownPortuguese Benfica0 - 2Yellow Fever
A189Wed, Sep-116:30 pmUnknownShoppers-Prudential3 - 1Kelsey's United
A190Wed, Sep-116:30 pmUnknownBrockville Reds2 - 1Vita Inter
C113Fri, Sep-136:30 pmUnknownBombardier3 - 0Rangers II
C114 (f)Fri, Sep-136:30 pmUnknownCataraqui III2 - 0Stages
C115Fri, Sep-136:30 pmUnknownLoyal Oarsman3 - 2Valhalla
C116Fri, Sep-136:30 pmUnknownThe Ports4 - 0Medeiros Foods
C117Fri, Sep-136:30 pmUnknownClippers II0 - 2Cosme Auto
C50Sun, Sep-156:30 pmUnknownValhalla0 - 5Cataraqui II
CP1Mon, Sep-166:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui II3 - 2Rangers II
CP3Mon, Sep-166:30 pmJim Beattie ELoyal Oarsman2 - 0Cosme Auto
CP2Mon, Sep-168:30 pmCaton's 1Valhalla5 - 1Jankins FC
CP4Mon, Sep-168:30 pmJim Beattie ECataraqui III2 - 1Brandees
BP1 (f)Tue, Sep-176:30 pmCaton's 1Chievo2 - 0Cocamo Nooners
BP3Tue, Sep-176:30 pmJim Beattie EVita Inter2 - 1Brockville Reds
BP2Tue, Sep-178:30 pmCaton's 1Kelsey's United4 - 0Pegasus
BP4Tue, Sep-178:30 pmJim Beattie ECataraqui I3 - 4Queen's Inn
AP1Wed, Sep-186:30 pmCaton's 1SH Juventus1 - 0Shoppers-Prudential
AP3Wed, Sep-186:30 pmJim Beattie EJunior Stars3 - 1Rangers I
AP2Wed, Sep-188:30 pmCaton's 1Sporting7 - 1Yellow Fever
AP4Wed, Sep-188:30 pmJim Beattie EPortuguese Benfica0 - 2Calabria Italia
CP5Thu, Sep-196:30 pmCaton's 1Cataraqui II1 - 2Cataraqui III
CP6*Thu, Sep-198:30 pmCaton's 1Valhallavs.Loyal Oarsman
AP5Fri, Sep-206:30 pmJim Beattie ESH Juventus4 - 3Calabria Italia
BP5Fri, Sep-206:30 pmCaton's 1Chievo3 - 0Queen's Inn
AP6Fri, Sep-208:30 pmJim Beattie ESporting1 - 0Junior Stars
BP6Fri, Sep-208:30 pmCaton's 1Kelsey's United0 - 1Vita Inter
CP7*Sun, Sep-221:00 pmCaton's 2Cataraqui IIIvs.Loyal Oarsman
BP7Sun, Sep-223:00 pmCaton's 2Chievo1 - 3Vita Inter
AP7*Sun, Sep-225:00 pmCaton's 2SH Juventusvs.Sporting
NC12Sun, Sep-226:30 pmUnknownBrandees3 - 2Rangers II