GKSSA - 2002 Outdoor Playing Fields

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Caton’s 1 and 2 map
  • Caton’s Pasture has also been known as “Kating’s”... whatever it’s called, it’s at the north terminus of Bagot St, past the Beer Store that’s on the corner of Stephen
  • if travelling along Montreal St, turn east on Russell St which is slightly north of the baseball diamond to the east
  • Caton’s 1 and 2 are side by side, with Caton’s 1 being the northernly field with the lights
Dupont Field map
  • along the east side of Sunny Acres Road, just west of Dupont on King St. West, a few blocks east of Days Road
  • you can’t really see the field from King St. West; turn south onto Sunny Acres Road
Italo-Canadian Club map
  • 1174 Italia Ln, Kingston, ON  K7L 4V3 • new entrance
  • their new entrance is via Italia Lane, which goes south from the eastern end of McAdoo’s Lane
  • heading north on Montreal St, about 500 m past the #401, turn west onto McAdoo's Lane, and after about 400 m turn south on to Italia Lane
  • the parking lot by the field is about 1 km in
Jim Beattie map
  • Jim Beattie Park is in Kingston West’s Henderson Place, on Henderson Blvd, one block and a bit east from the intersection of Bayridge Dr
  • Henderson Drive runs east-west, with its eastern end terminating at the street lights on Days Rd
  • the two fields are referred to as Jim Beattie East and Jim Beattie West
St Lawrence College map
  • Portsmouth Ave., at King St. W. Enter off Country Club Dr.
Willie Pratt map
  • in Amherstview (go west from Kingston, out Bath Rd./Highway #33)
  • along Amherst Drive, at the top of Fairfield Blvd.
  • each team playing at the Willie Pratt field is required to provide and put up one goal net before kick-off
Woodbine 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 map
  • in Woodbine Park on Woodbine Drive, which runs south of Princess St/Highway #2, between Bayridge Drive and Collin’s Bay Road in Kingston’s west end
  • Woodbine 1 is the northern-most field and is the middle field of the three fields that are aligned north-south
  • Woodbine 2 is the eastern-most field and is aligned north-south
  • Woodbine 3 is the field closest to the park entrance, and is the only field aligned on an east-west axis
  • Woodbine 4 is just north of the clubhouse and has lights
  • Woodbine 5 is the newest field, north of the BMX track, closest to Princess St, and also has lights