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team uniform FC Legacy

B Division

Results History P W D L F A GD Pts
5 0 1 4 9 28 -19 1


Kalid Haider
RJ Kameka

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#Name goals clean sheets MVP yellow cards red cards suspensions
12Alex Krstic  
3Aziz Othman  
15Brayden Gilchrist-Hale  
14Connor Scott  
23Connor Westcott  
5David Krasna
9990Elisha James  
4Evan Smith  
9990Jack Zablocki  
9Joe Ghabros 3 1
8Joshua Bennett   2
11Kalid Haider 1  
15Kees Tyhuis  
!GKGKLiam Benton
7Mohammad Mohammad  
16Nizar Hefnawi  
17Oussama Hefnawi 2  
10RJ Kameka 2  
19Ross Cormier  
2Saif Elmaghraby 1  

Statistics shown are from regular season matches only.

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