Playoff format

As the A and B divisions have now wrapped up, playoffs for those two divisions begin next week . As usual, each game requires a winner.

For quarter-final and semi-final matches, if the game is tied at the end of regulation, the game shall proceed directly to kicks from the mark (no extra time).

The finals (and ONLY the finals), if tied at the end of regulation, will have two full 10-minute halves of extra time (no golden goal), with kicks from the mark to follow if the match is still tied at the end of those two time periods.

Good luck to all!

Cup Tournament and Indoor Season

The GKSSA is in beginning phases of planning a tournament style cup format – we are looking at the last few weekends of September. The format will be determined by those who register. The city field costs and Ontario Soccer fee increases (including officials costs/scheduling costs) for the regular season were higher than expected. As a result, there will be an entry fee for the cups (costs of officials and field lining costs at BHS). A registration date and cost will be announced shortly.

We are again looking into running an indoor season. We are looking at a variety of different configurations and schedule length to ensure maximum value. The rates at the dome, officials, and Ontario Soccer registration fees have all increased. This will mean an increase in overall team costs – likely a few hundred dollars more than last season. A registration date and a cost will be announced shortly.

Playoff Schedule online

The playoff schedule is now online. Divisions A and B start Tuesday, August 22, and wrap up with finals on Sunday, August 27, while the C and D playoffs begin Monday, September 11, wrapping up on Sunday, September 17.