Welcome to the GKSSA 2017-18 Indoor Season!

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Rescheduled Games

– upcoming games that were previously scheduled for a different date, time, or field

Rescheduled Date and FieldWas at
M21WTC Red HouseSkeleton Park RangersThu, Apr-05 @ 7:00 pmKTI 4Thu, Mar-15 @ 7:00 PM
M22Sousa Ready MixiWireThu, Apr-05 @ 8:00 pmKTI 4Thu, Mar-15 @ 8:00 PM

Playoff tiebreakers

As the last two rounds of the A/B indoor season are considered "playoff" matches, these games require winners. As such, the games will complete at the :53 mark, and if tied, will go directly to kicks from the mark.

  • Three kicks per team, plus sudden death if required.
  • All dressed players (excluding players sent-off) are eligible to participate.
  • If one team has more players than the other, they shall "reduce to equate" (so that both teams have the same number of players eligible to take kicks).
  • The goal used shall be the one furthest away from the bleachers.
  • A coin toss shall determine which team chooses first or second kick.

When reporting scores, please include the result of kicks.

Reminders for the KTI Dome

Your team’s cooperation for responsible use of the Kingston Thousands Islands Sportsplex is appreciated and required for our continued use of the facility. Remember…

  • Our field bookings start on the hour. If you are early, do not enter a field until our time starts, even if the field is empty. The first half of each game shall finish at 30 minutes after the hour and the game shall finish at 55 minutes after the hour.
  • Pick up your garbage when your game done and put it in a garbage can.
  • No spitting inside the dome.
  • Only water inside the dome.
  • No dirty shoes inside the dome.
  • If you have the last game, please return the bench to the sideline.
  • Teams play 7 vs. 7.
  • Games are 25 minute halves, but must finish within the hour time slot.

Players Looking for Teams

As a courtesy to player hopefuls and teams looking for players, the GKSSA maintains a publicly accessible Google Drive spreadsheet with information about players looking for teams in the first tab, and teams looking for players in the second tab (tabs are at the bottom of the spreadsheet window).

Any players or teams that want to be added to this list should first refer to the document, and then send an email with the required information to GKSSA Statistician .