GKSSA – 2017 Outdoor Standings

GKSSA – League Standings

Division A
  Team PWDL FAGD Pts Results
1Portuguese Benfica76012891918
2Limestone City FC76011991018
3Kingston Hot Fire751124111316
4Boca Nooners72052023-36
5Portsmouth Celtic FC7106824-163
6Glenhaven United7016932-231

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Division A - Leading Goal Scorers
Mademba BaPortuguese Benfica18
Jared SavoryKingston Hot Fire7
Matthew ScruttonKingston Hot Fire6
Andrew MartinLimestone City FC5
Alex StuartGlenhaven United4
Ahmed ElharramBoca Nooners3
Brevin MackayBoca Nooners3
8 other players also with 3 goals
Division B
  Team PWDL FAGD Pts Results
1Cataraqui II650121101115
2The Keg FC54102161513
3Paradiso Pizza5212141407
5Remax United5203131216
7Pita Pit Empire Court52031214-26
8FC Legacy5014928-191

➜ Game results for Division B

Division B - Leading Goal Scorers
Tyler BullerParadiso Pizza8
Dillon PerkinsThe Keg FC6
Nick GregoryCataraqui II5
Rick PopazziCataraqui II5
Stephen ThomasThe Keg FC5
Frankie VilardiPita Pit Empire Court4
Matthew CoutoValhalla4
Division C
  Team PWDL FAGD Pts Results
1CFB Kingston66003052518
2Cancoil Benfica64111310313
3Glasgow SC530211929
4Valhalla II420213766
5Barr Homes FC420289-16
6Progress Physio61141022-124
7WTC Red House4103312-93
8JKL Rangers5005519-140

➜ Game results for Division C

Division C - Leading Goal Scorers
Graeme CurranCFB Kingston10
Karl RussellCFB Kingston6
Mike GauthierCancoil Benfica4
Antonio SalamoneCancoil Benfica3
Denis LopesCFB Kingston3
Gokhan CifciCancoil Benfica3
Joshua JonesGlasgow SC3
3 other players also with 3 goals
Division D
  Team PWDL FAGD Pts Results
2Cotswold Home Inspection64021811712
3Cataraqui III64021713412
4First Responders FC6321136711
5Red House FC6303141229
6Kingston Young Boys6213612-67
7King's Crew FC61231020-105
8KTown FC6015617-111

➜ Game results for Division D

Division D - Leading Goal Scorers
Roman ZablockiCataraqui III6
Paul ChafeAIC5
Rich HarpellAIC5
Wade EmburyFirst Responders FC5
Brandon BurtchKingston Young Boys4
Alexander AshKing's Crew FC3
Devin BruceCataraqui III3
4 other players also with 3 goals

Until the regular season is complete, the standings order of teams that are tied on points is arbitrary. At the end of the season, the first tie-breaker rule is based on how well the tied teams did in the games they played against each other.

Clean Sheet Leaders

Division A - Clean Sheet Leaders
PlayerTeamClean Sheets
Matt KruczkowskiPortuguese Benfica2
Geoff JacksonLimestone City FC1
Joel ZeltLimestone City FC1
Troy WyliePortsmouth Celtic FC1
Division B - Clean Sheet Leaders
PlayerTeamClean Sheets
Adam RondeauRemax United1
Steve LandonCataraqui II1

Division C - Clean Sheet Leaders
PlayerTeamClean Sheets
Matthew HamiltonGlasgow SC2
Zack VeversCFB Kingston2
Noah LeinweberValhalla II1
Division D - Clean Sheet Leaders
PlayerTeamClean Sheets
Ken HemlowCotswold Home Inspection2
Kyle HullFirst Responders FC2
Dan Ormsbee-PostumusKing's Crew FC1
David LoricchioKingston Young Boys1
Rick PierceCataraqui III1
Steve CostaRed House FC1

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