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team uniform JKL Rangers

C Division

Results History P W D L F A GD Pts
12 0 1 11 14 48 -34 1


Adam Hunt
Mark Prager

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JKL Micro

 1250 Gardiners Kingston, ON • Ph: 613-384-8980


Jankins Computers

 1250 Gardiners Kingston, ON • Ph: 613-384-4210


#Name goals clean sheets MVP yellow cards red cards suspensions
25Adam Hunt   1
9994TAndrew Mensah  
9Ben Prager  
!GKGKBill Maas  
77Chris Belanger  
20Chris Horne  
17Cormac Evans 3   1
8Csaba Vanyolai  
21Derek Leung 1  
9992CEthan Doyle
6Huw Davies 1
5Jon Stevenson
9990Kevin Borges 1
22Kin Leung 1  
15Les Donovan  
14Mark Prager  
11Nathan De Longhi 1   1
4Patrick McDonough 1
44Pete Belanger  
66Peter Golle 2   1
12Richard Prinsen 3
7Serdar Yuksel  
18Shaun McAlister  
10Tim Corcoran  
42Tristan Falcao 1  
9992CTroy Schneider  
9990Zach Da Sousa  

Statistics shown are from regular season matches only.

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