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team uniform Glenhaven United

A Division

Results History P W D L F A GD Pts
15 1 1 13 22 59 -37 4


Mike Veryzer
Jacob Phillips

Sponsored by

Glenhaven Memorial Gardens

 2563 Division St, Glenburnie, ON • Ph: 613-542-3577


#Name goals clean sheets MVP yellow cards red cards suspensions
23Adam Pennock  
71Ahmed Rahim   1
10Alex Stuart 9 3 A34
7Colin Dawdy 4
18Jack Soper   2 A3, A4, A7, A10
13Jacob Phillips 2
11Jarone Gittens 1  
9994TJay Olajide  
6JJ Bosica 2  
19Joel Wilkinson   2 A3
5Josh Knox   2
9994TKarston Patterson  
20Kurt Macpherson 1   1
4Lucas King  
9992CLuke Edwards  
18Mike Veryzer 2
3Mitchell Fox 1  
14Oscar Rivera 1  
12Peter Kaizer   1
15Prince Sunama 1   1
9994TRob Bernardino   1
9992CRyan Housh  
9992CRyan Makasare
9992CThomas Kelly  
9994TTom Howes  
23Varun Shama  

Statistics shown are from regular season matches only.

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