GKSSA - 2015 Outdoor News

Scarpazza Homes Clippers Win Fair Play Award

Scarpazza Homes Clippers

Fair Play Award winners

Congratulations to Scarpazza Homes Clippers of Division C for winning the Fair Play Award. Scarpazza Homes Clippers accumulated two cautions in regular season play, and two in total.

2015 Playoff Winners

On Sunday, Aug-30, each of our four divisions played their playoff championship games at Barr Homes Soccerplex. Congratulations to our 2015 playoff winners!

Kingston Hot Fire

Division A Playoff Champions

Congratulations to Kingston Hot Fire for winning the Division A playoff championship match 3-2 against Soccer Plus FC.

>A Kingston Hot Fire’s playoff games

Ryatt United SC

Division B Playoff Champions

Congratulations to Ryatt United SC for winning the Division B playoff championship match 2-0 against The Keg FC.

>B Ryatt United SC’s playoff games

Westend Dental

Division C Playoff Champions

Congratulations to Westend Dental for winning the Division C playoff championship match 3-1 against Boston Pizza WTC.

>C Westend Dental’s playoff games

Cotswold Home Inspection

Division D Playoff Champions

Congratulations to Cotswold Home Inspection for winning the Division D playoff championship match 2-1 against CFB Kingston.

>D Cotswold Home Inspection’s playoff games

Good Luck to Our Playoff Championship Finalists

Plan to spend some time at the Barr Home Soccerplex this Sunday, Aug-30 to cheer the playoff championship matches for all four GKSSA divisions!

2015 Regular Season Champions

Congratulations to our divisional regular season champions. Well done!

Kingston Hot Fire

Division A League Champions

Congratulations to Kingston Hot Fire for winning the regular season in Division A with 28 points. Hot Fire's 9-1-2 record was one point better than Soccer Plus FC's 9-0-3 record.

>A Kingston Hot Fire’s regular season games

The Keg FC

Division B League Champions

Congratulations to The Keg FC for winning the regular season in Division B with 37 points. They finished 9 points clear of second-place Paradiso Pizza.

>B The Keg FC’s regular season games

Cancoil Benica

Division C League Champions

Congratulations to Cancoil Benica for winning the regular season in Division C with 31 points. Cancoil's 10-1-3 record was one point better than Boston Pizza WTC who finished with a 9-3-2 record.

>C Cancoil Benica’s regular season games

Remax United

Division D League Champions

Congratulations to Remax United for winning the regular season in Division D with 36 points. Remax United's 11-3-0 record was one point better than CFB Kingston's 11-2-1 record.

>D Remax United’s regular season games

2015 Cup Winners

Cataraqui I

Carmine Lanzo, Sr Cup Champions

Congratulations to Cataraqui I for winning the Carmine Lanzo, Sr Cup 3-2 against Kingston Hot Fire.

>L Cataraqui I’s cup games

Cancoil Benfica

Nathalie Cave Memorial Cup Champions

Congratulations to Cancoil Benfica for winning the Nathalie Cave Memorial Cup 2-1 against Remax United.

>N Cancoil Benfica’s cup games

Minor Correction Update to Outdoor Rules

The GKSSA’s outdoor rules has been slightly updated to correct an omission related to OSA rules for disciplinary actions affected playoff games. Rule 6(H) has been updated accordingly.

Cup Schedules Now On-line

This season’s cup schedules are now on-line. Competition for the Nathalie Cave Cup starts on Monday, Jun-01, and the first game in the Carmine Lanzo, Sr Cup is on Tuesday, Jun-02.

2015 Outdoor schedule on-line

The regular season schedule for our 2015 outdoor games is now on-line. Cup games start early in June and that schedule will be on-line shortly. Up-to-date team information, including uniform changes, will be appearing over the next few days.

Updated GKSSA Constitution

A new set of by-laws for the GKSSA Constitution  were ratified at the Apr-29 General Meeting. You can also download the PDF from the Useful Links section at left.

Updated Rules & Regulations

Minor additions have been made to both the GKSSA indoor and outdoor rules and regulations. Download the PDFs from the Useful Links section at left.

2014-15 team name changes

As happens each season, there are some new teams and some teams that change names. This is intended to be a short listing of each.

Players Looking for Teams

As a courtesy to player hopefuls and teams looking for players, the GKSSA maintains a publicly accessible Google Drive spreadsheet with information about players looking for teams in the first tab, and teams looking for players in the second tab (tabs are at the bottom of the spreadsheet window).

Any players or teams that want to be added to this list should first refer to the document, and then send an email with the required information to GKSSA Statistician .

2015 Outdoor Division Alignment

General Meeting and Outdoor Registration

The GKSSA is having a General Meeting on Wednesday, Apr-29 at 7:00 PM at the Portuguese Cultural Centre on Division St, just south of John Counter Blvd.

At the moment, we are planning to start the 2015 outdoor season on May-18.