GKSSA - 2009 Fall News

2009 Fall Champions

Congratulations to our divisional fall season champions. Well done!

The Keg/SGPS United

Division E League Champions

Congratulations to The Keg/SGPS United for winning the regular season in Division E with 16 points. The Keg/SGPS United took the title on the final day with a 2-1 defeat of Cataraqui SC.

>E The Keg/SGPS United’s regular season games

Brandees I

Division F League Champions

Congratulations to Brandees I for winning the regular season in Division F with 17 points. Brandees I finished two points clear of second-place Vahalla.

>F Brandees I’s regular season games

Last Two Weeks of Fall Schedule Finalized

Based on the standings to date, the matchups for the last two weeks of games in the fall league have been finalized. To see when your team plays, check out the schedule for the games remaining to be played in Division E and Division F.

Novelis Parking Rules

Novelis is under no obligation to let us use their field. We greatly appreciate their cooperation and support of senior soccer in Kingston. Use of their field comes with one simple requirement that our team members and supporters are asked to follow.

  1. Do not park on or along side of the roads within the Novelis property.

There is ample space availalbe in nearby parking lots. Due to repeated infringement of this rule the GKSSA’s continued use of the Novelis field is in jeopardy.

If you see a vehicle parked along side the road at Novelis, get the driver to move it.

First Week of Games for the 2009 Fall Outdoor Season

Match Kick-off Home Visitors
Tuesday E1 6:30 PM The Keg/SGPS United MyBar
September 8 F1 8:30 PM Brandees I JKL Rangers
Wednesday E2 6:30 PM Pilot House Nooners Joga Bonito
September 9 E3 8:30 PM Cataraqui II Bentley Windows LCFC
Thursday F2 6:30 PM Portsmouth Celtic FC Iron Duke FC
September 10 F3 8:30 PM Brandees SC Valhalla

Team Waiting List for the Fall Season

This year the GKSSA is organizing a fall outdoor season featuring two divisions of six teams each. Registration is $400 for 7 games.

Most of the slots are already taken, but if your team has not already spoken for one of these slots and are interested in participating, you should immediately contact to be placed on the waiting list.

Registration night is Thursday, August 20 from 7 PM to 8 PM at the Loyal Oarsman.