GKSSA - Contacts for the 2009 Fall Season

This page is an archived snapshot of history.
The people on this page may no longer be associated with the league or teams listed below.
Please do not contact them about league inquiries unless they are listed on the current contact page.

GKSSA Board of Directors

E Division Teams
Bentley Windows LCFCGlenn UnanN/A
Cataraqui SCPeter Boyle, SrN/A
Joga BonitoBradly SavoryN/A
MyBarGavin StaintonN/A
Pilot House NoonersChris FarrellN/A
The Keg/SGPS UnitedRyan HoushN/A

F Division Teams
Brandees ISpiro SakellN/A
Brandees SCJim PrichardN/A
Iron Duke FCChris AdamsonN/A
JKL RangersPete BelangerN/A
Portsmouth Celtic FCDan RobertsN/A
ValhallaBrian DrewN/A

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