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Player Statistics for Coel Findlay

team uniform Portuguese Benfica

A5 Portuguese Benfica  0
Vita Inter SC  0
Wednesday, May.20 08:30 PM
Caton's 1
Yellow Card   58'Y1 - guilty of unsporting behaviour
A27 Sporting  1
Portuguese Benfica  1
Wednesday, Jun.17 08:30 PM
Woodbine 5
A58 Pilot House LCFC I  0
Portuguese Benfica  4
Wednesday, Aug.12 06:00 PM
Ernestown SS
A66 Portuguese Benfica  0
Fanatics  3
Wednesday, Aug.26 06:00 PM
Caton's 2
Yellow CardY3 - persistently infringed the Laws of the Game
Yellow Card   87'Y3 - persistently infringed the Laws of the Game
Red Card   87'R3 - received a second caution in the same game
AP1 Portuguese Benfica  3
Sporting  2
Sunday, Aug.30 06:30 PM
Caton's 1

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