GKSSA - 2005-06 Indoor Schedule
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Game Date ↑ Time Field Home Score Visitors
K1Sun, Oct-1611:00 amPhilthy McNasty's5 - 1Cancoil Benfica
K2Sun, Oct-1612:00 pmVita Internazionale1 - 4Grizzly's
K3Sun, Oct-161:00 pmRangers4 - 2LCFC U-21
K4Sun, Oct-162:00 pmCalabria Italia0 - 6Soccer Post PM
K5Sun, Oct-163:00 pmCFB Kingston0 - 6Regala FC
K6Sun, Oct-164:00 pmPilot House LCFC I3 - 3Kingston Police
M1Mon, Oct-177:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers0 - 11Belleville Hellenics
M2Mon, Oct-178:00 pmValhalla7 - 11FC Porto
M3Mon, Oct-179:00 pmJKL Rangers0 - 6Stoney's
M4Mon, Oct-1710:00 pmTom's Place0 - 3Skeleton Park Rangers
K14Sun, Oct-2311:00 amRegala FC2 - 5Philthy McNasty's
K9Sun, Oct-2312:00 pmSoccer Post PM11 - 0CFB Kingston
K10Sun, Oct-231:00 pmKingston Police1 - 9Vita Internazionale
K11Sun, Oct-232:00 pmCancoil Benfica0 - 2Pilot House LCFC I
K110Sun, Oct-233:00 pmGrizzly's3 - 6Rangers
K13Sun, Oct-234:00 pmLCFC U-216 - 2Calabria Italia
M5Mon, Oct-247:00 pmFC Porto8 - 2GKSSA Rust Removers
M6Mon, Oct-248:00 pmBelleville Hellenics11 - 2JKL Rangers
M7Mon, Oct-249:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers0 - 4Stoney's
M8Mon, Oct-2410:00 pmValhalla4 - 1Tom's Place
K15Sun, Oct-3011:00 amSoccer Post PM7 - 0LCFC U-21
K16Sun, Oct-3012:00 pmVita Internazionale5 - 2Cancoil Benfica
K17Sun, Oct-301:00 pmRangers4 - 2Grizzly's
K33Sun, Oct-302:00 pmCalabria Italia10 - 2Kingston Police
K19Sun, Oct-303:00 pmCFB Kingston0 - 8Philthy McNasty's
K20Sun, Oct-304:00 pmPilot House LCFC I0 - 3Regala FC
M9 (f)Mon, Oct-317:00 pmTom's Place0 - 3Belleville Hellenics
M10Mon, Oct-318:00 pmJKL Rangers1 - 5Skeleton Park Rangers
M11Mon, Oct-319:00 pmValhalla10 - 1GKSSA Rust Removers
M12Mon, Oct-3110:00 pmStoney's3 - 5FC Porto
K21Tue, Nov-0110:00 pmAlehouse Benfica11 - 5Kingston Police
K22Sun, Nov-0611:00 amRegala FC3 - 2Vita Internazionale
K23Sun, Nov-0612:00 pmRed Star4 - 2Soccer Post PM
K24Sun, Nov-061:00 pmKingston Police0 - 5Rangers
K25Sun, Nov-062:00 pmGrizzly's2 - 5Calabria Italia
K26Sun, Nov-063:00 pmLCFC U-2110 - 1CFB Kingston
K27Sun, Nov-064:00 pmPhilthy McNasty's0 - 3Pilot House LCFC I
M13Mon, Nov-077:00 pmStoney's1 - 1Valhalla
M14Mon, Nov-078:00 pmBelleville Hellenics13 - 1Skeleton Park Rangers
M15Mon, Nov-079:00 pmFC Porto6 - 4JKL Rangers
M16Mon, Nov-0710:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers6 - 4Tom's Place
K28Tue, Nov-0810:00 pmCancoil Benfica0 - 7Alehouse Benfica
K29Sun, Nov-1311:00 amSoccer Post PM3 - 2Grizzly's
K30Sun, Nov-1312:00 pmVita Internazionale5 - 2Philthy McNasty's
K31Sun, Nov-131:00 pmLCFC U-210 - 2Red Star
K32Sun, Nov-132:00 pmRangers0 - 0Cancoil Benfica
K18Sun, Nov-133:00 pmCalabria Italia2 - 7Red Star
K34Sun, Nov-134:00 pmAlehouse Benfica7 - 1Regala FC
M17Mon, Nov-147:00 pmBelleville Hellenics4 - 2FC Porto
M18Mon, Nov-148:00 pmTom's Place2 - 10Stoney's
M19Mon, Nov-149:00 pmValhalla5 - 1JKL Rangers
M20Mon, Nov-1410:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers2 - 3GKSSA Rust Removers
K35Tue, Nov-1510:00 pmCFB Kingston2 - 3Pilot House LCFC I
K7*Tue, Nov-1511:00 pmAlehouse Benfica2 - 2Red Star
K36Sun, Nov-2011:00 amRed Star4 - 0CFB Kingston
K37Sun, Nov-2012:00 pmPhilthy McNasty's4 - 8Alehouse Benfica
K38Sun, Nov-201:00 pmCancoil Benfica2 - 4Calabria Italia
K39Sun, Nov-202:00 pmGrizzly's0 - 2LCFC U-21
K40Sun, Nov-203:00 pmPilot House LCFC I0 - 1Vita Internazionale
K41Sun, Nov-204:00 pmRegala FC3 - 3Rangers
M21Mon, Nov-217:00 pmJKL Rangers5 - 1Tom's Place
M22Mon, Nov-218:00 pmValhalla4 - 9Belleville Hellenics
M23Mon, Nov-219:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers3 - 6Stoney's
M24Mon, Nov-2110:00 pmFC Porto7 - 2Skeleton Park Rangers
K42Tue, Nov-2210:00 pmKingston Police2 - 11Soccer Post PM
K92*Tue, Nov-2211:00 pmRed Star6 - 0Alehouse Benfica
K43Sun, Nov-2711:00 amAlehouse Benfica9 - 4Pilot House LCFC I
K44Sun, Nov-2712:00 pmRed Star6 - 2Grizzly's
K45Sun, Nov-271:00 pmSoccer Post PM5 - 1Cancoil Benfica
K46Sun, Nov-272:00 pmRangers7 - 3Philthy McNasty's
K47Sun, Nov-273:00 pmCalabria Italia2 - 4Regala FC
K48Sun, Nov-274:00 pmCFB Kingston0 - 1Vita Internazionale
M25Mon, Nov-287:00 pmStoney's1 - 2Belleville Hellenics
M26Mon, Nov-288:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers2 - 4Valhalla
M27Mon, Nov-289:00 pmTom's Place3 - 9FC Porto
M28Mon, Nov-2810:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers2 - 10JKL Rangers
K49Tue, Nov-2910:00 pmLCFC U-218 - 2Kingston Police
K50Sun, Dec-0411:00 amCancoil Benfica0 - 5LCFC U-21
K51Sun, Dec-0412:00 pmPhilthy McNasty's7 - 3Calabria Italia
K52Sun, Dec-041:00 pmGrizzly's6 - 5CFB Kingston
K53Sun, Dec-042:00 pmPilot House LCFC I0 - 4Rangers
K54Sun, Dec-043:00 pmRegala FC0 - 5Soccer Post PM
K55Sun, Dec-044:00 pmKingston Police1 - 11Red Star
M29Mon, Dec-057:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers5 - 3Tom's Place
M30Mon, Dec-058:00 pmBelleville Hellenics11 - 0GKSSA Rust Removers
M31Mon, Dec-059:00 pmFC Porto7 - 3Valhalla
M32Mon, Dec-0510:00 pmStoney's9 - 0JKL Rangers
K56Tue, Dec-0610:00 pmVita Internazionale1 - 7Alehouse Benfica
K57Sun, Dec-1111:00 amRangers6 - 5Vita Internazionale
K58Sun, Dec-1112:00 pmSoccer Post PM8 - 1Philthy McNasty's
K59Sun, Dec-111:00 pmGrizzly's12 - 3Kingston Police
K60Sun, Dec-112:00 pmLCFC U-218 - 0Regala FC
K61Sun, Dec-113:00 pmCFB Kingston2 - 6Alehouse Benfica
K62Sun, Dec-114:00 pmCalabria Italia2 - 2Pilot House LCFC I
M33Mon, Dec-127:00 pmJKL Rangers1 - 7Belleville Hellenics
M34Mon, Dec-128:00 pmTom's Place2 - 9Valhalla
M35Mon, Dec-129:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers0 - 6FC Porto
M36Mon, Dec-1210:00 pmStoney's9 - 0Skeleton Park Rangers
K63Tue, Dec-1310:00 pmRed Star7 - 0Cancoil Benfica
K64Sun, Dec-1811:00 amKingston Police1 - 9CFB Kingston
K65Sun, Dec-1812:00 pmCancoil Benfica1 - 5Grizzly's
K70*Sun, Dec-181:00 pmOpen FieldPhilthy McNasty's1 - 4LCFC U-21
K67Sun, Dec-182:00 pmPilot House LCFC I0 - 10Soccer Post PM
K68Sun, Dec-183:00 pmAlehouse Benfica7 - 2Rangers
K69Sun, Dec-184:00 pmRegala FC1 - 8Red Star
M37Mon, Dec-197:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers8 - 1JKL Rangers
M38Mon, Dec-198:00 pmBelleville Hellenics11 - 3Tom's Place
M39Mon, Dec-199:00 pmFC Porto2 - 5Stoney's
M40Mon, Dec-1910:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers2 - 4Valhalla
K66*Tue, Dec-2010:00 pmOpen FieldVita Internazionale1 - 2Calabria Italia
K71Sun, Jan-0811:00 amRed Star10 - 2Philthy McNasty's
K72Sun, Jan-0812:00 pmKingston Police6 - 1Cancoil Benfica
K73Sun, Jan-081:00 pmSoccer Post PM6 - 1Vita Internazionale
K74Sun, Jan-082:00 pmGrizzly's5 - 3Regala FC
K75Sun, Jan-083:00 pmCalabria Italia1 - 3Alehouse Benfica
K76Sun, Jan-084:00 pmLCFC U-213 - 3Pilot House LCFC I
M41Mon, Jan-097:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers5 - 8Belleville Hellenics
M42Mon, Jan-098:00 pmValhalla4 - 4Stoney's
M43Mon, Jan-099:00 pmTom's Place2 - 4GKSSA Rust Removers
M44Mon, Jan-0910:00 pmJKL Rangers2 - 6FC Porto
K77Tue, Jan-1010:00 pmCFB Kingston3 - 1Rangers
K78Sun, Jan-1511:00 amRegala FC4 - 3Kingston Police
K79Sun, Jan-1512:00 pmPhilthy McNasty's1 - 7Grizzly's
K80Sun, Jan-151:00 pmVita Internazionale2 - 2LCFC U-21
K81Sun, Jan-152:00 pmRangers2 - 2Calabria Italia
K82Sun, Jan-153:00 pmCFB Kingston3 - 1Cancoil Benfica
K83Sun, Jan-154:00 pmAlehouse Benfica1 - 2Soccer Post PM
M45Mon, Jan-167:00 pmFC Porto1 - 2Belleville Hellenics
M46Mon, Jan-168:00 pmStoney's12 - 2Tom's Place
M47Mon, Jan-169:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers7 - 6Skeleton Park Rangers
M48Mon, Jan-1610:00 pmJKL Rangers2 - 3Valhalla
K84Tue, Jan-1710:00 pmPilot House LCFC I0 - 4Red Star
K85Sun, Jan-2211:00 amRed Star8 - 2Vita Internazionale
K86Sun, Jan-2212:00 pmGrizzly's2 - 2Pilot House LCFC I
K87Sun, Jan-221:00 pmCancoil Benfica2 - 2Regala FC
K88Sun, Jan-222:00 pmSoccer Post PM3 - 5Rangers
K89Sun, Jan-223:00 pmCalabria Italia3 - 2CFB Kingston
K90Sun, Jan-224:00 pmLCFC U-211 - 2Alehouse Benfica
M49Mon, Jan-237:00 pmTom's Place0 - 7JKL Rangers
M50Mon, Jan-238:00 pmBelleville Hellenics3 - 3Valhalla
M51Mon, Jan-239:00 pmStoney's15 - 0GKSSA Rust Removers
M52Mon, Jan-2310:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers5 - 9FC Porto
K91Tue, Jan-2410:00 pmKingston Police4 - 10Philthy McNasty's
K94Sun, Jan-2911:00 amRegala FC0 - 2CFB Kingston
K93Sun, Jan-2912:00 pmKingston Police1 - 4Pilot House LCFC I
K8Sun, Jan-291:00 pmRed Star7 - 2Rangers
K95Sun, Jan-292:00 pmSoccer Post PM6 - 7Calabria Italia
K96Sun, Jan-293:00 pmLCFC U-212 - 3Rangers
K97Sun, Jan-294:00 pmGrizzly's10 - 2Vita Internazionale
M53Mon, Jan-307:00 pmBelleville Hellenics2 - 4Stoney's
M54Mon, Jan-308:00 pmFC Porto7 - 3Tom's Place
M55Mon, Jan-309:00 pmValhalla4 - 1Skeleton Park Rangers
M56Mon, Jan-3010:00 pmJKL Rangers4 - 0GKSSA Rust Removers
K98Tue, Jan-3110:00 pmCancoil Benfica3 - 5Philthy McNasty's
K99Sun, Feb-0511:00 amPhilthy McNasty's5 - 4Regala FC
K100Sun, Feb-0512:00 pmAlehouse Benfica8 - 2Grizzly's
K101Sun, Feb-051:00 pmPilot House LCFC I2 - 2Cancoil Benfica
K102Sun, Feb-052:00 pmVita Internazionale5 - 5Kingston Police
K103Sun, Feb-053:00 pmCalabria Italia2 - 1LCFC U-21
K104Sun, Feb-054:00 pmCFB Kingston4 - 10Soccer Post PM
M57Mon, Feb-067:00 pmFC Porto8 - 6Valhalla
M58Mon, Feb-068:00 pmBelleville Hellenics16 - 1GKSSA Rust Removers
M59Mon, Feb-069:00 pmStoney's8 - 1JKL Rangers
M60Mon, Feb-0610:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers3 - 2Tom's Place
K105Tue, Feb-0710:00 pmRangers2 - 7Red Star
K106Sun, Feb-1211:00 amKingston Police6 - 10Alehouse Benfica
K107Sun, Feb-1212:00 pmRegala FC4 - 1Pilot House LCFC I
K12Sun, Feb-121:00 pmGrizzly's6 - 2Alehouse Benfica
K109Sun, Feb-122:00 pmRed Star5 - 1Calabria Italia
K108Sun, Feb-123:00 pmPhilthy McNasty's3 - 1CFB Kingston
K111Sun, Feb-124:00 pmCancoil Benfica0 - 4Vita Internazionale
M61Mon, Feb-137:00 pmJKL Rangers4 - 11Belleville Hellenics
M62Mon, Feb-138:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers4 - 10FC Porto
M63Mon, Feb-139:00 pmStoney's4 - 1Skeleton Park Rangers
M64Mon, Feb-1310:00 pmTom's Place2 - 5Valhalla
K112Tue, Feb-1410:00 pmLCFC U-214 - 4Soccer Post PM
K113Sun, Feb-1911:00 amAlehouse Benfica8 - 4Cancoil Benfica
K114Sun, Feb-1912:00 pmPilot House LCFC I10 - 2Philthy McNasty's
K115Sun, Feb-191:00 pmCFB Kingston1 - 2LCFC U-21
K116Sun, Feb-192:00 pmVita Internazionale4 - 3Regala FC
K117Sun, Feb-193:00 pmRangers2 - 1Kingston Police
K118 (f)Sun, Feb-194:00 pmSoccer Post PM3 - 0Red Star
M65Mon, Feb-207:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers0 - 4JKL Rangers
M66Mon, Feb-208:00 pmBelleville Hellenics16 - 1Tom's Place
M67Mon, Feb-209:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers1 - 5Valhalla
M68Mon, Feb-2010:00 pmFC Porto6 - 2Stoney's
K119Tue, Feb-2110:00 pmCalabria Italia3 - 3Grizzly's
K120Sun, Feb-2611:00 amPilot House LCFC I10 - 4CFB Kingston
K121Sun, Feb-2612:00 pmRegala FC4 - 4Alehouse Benfica
K122Sun, Feb-261:00 pmKingston Police1 - 7Calabria Italia
K123Sun, Feb-262:00 pmRed Star7 - 2LCFC U-21
K124Sun, Feb-263:00 pmCancoil Benfica2 - 3Rangers
K125Sun, Feb-264:00 pmPhilthy McNasty's1 - 1Vita Internazionale
M69Mon, Feb-277:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers1 - 11Belleville Hellenics
M70Mon, Feb-278:00 pmTom's Place5 - 5GKSSA Rust Removers
M71Mon, Feb-279:00 pmJKL Rangers3 - 4FC Porto
M72Mon, Feb-2710:00 pmValhalla4 - 10Stoney's
K126Tue, Feb-2810:00 pmGrizzly's2 - 9Soccer Post PM
K127Sun, Mar-0511:00 amAlehouse Benfica1 - 6Philthy McNasty's
K128Sun, Mar-0512:00 pmRangers11 - 5Regala FC
K129Sun, Mar-051:00 pmVita Internazionale3 - 0Pilot House LCFC I
K130Sun, Mar-052:00 pmLCFC U-212 - 1Grizzly's
K131Sun, Mar-053:00 pmCalabria Italia6 - 1Cancoil Benfica
K132Sun, Mar-054:00 pmSoccer Post PM4 - 2Kingston Police
M73Mon, Mar-067:00 pmGKSSA Rust Removers2 - 4Skeleton Park Rangers
M74Mon, Mar-068:00 pmFC Porto5 - 0Belleville Hellenics
M75Mon, Mar-069:00 pmStoney's15 - 2Tom's Place
M76Mon, Mar-0610:00 pmJKL Rangers3 - 3Valhalla
K133Tue, Mar-0710:00 pmCFB Kingston2 - 5Red Star
K134Sun, Mar-1911:00 amKingston Police3 - 8LCFC U-21
K135Sun, Mar-1912:00 pmVita Internazionale3 - 5CFB Kingston
K136Sun, Mar-191:00 pmRegala FC1 - 11Calabria Italia
K137Sun, Mar-192:00 pmPhilthy McNasty's1 - 7Rangers
K138Sun, Mar-193:00 pmCancoil Benfica2 - 6Soccer Post PM
K139Sun, Mar-194:00 pmGrizzly's5 - 7Red Star
M77*Mon, Mar-207:00 pmBelleville Hellenics7 - 3Valhalla
M78*Mon, Mar-208:00 pmSkeleton Park Rangers2 - 7FC Porto
M79*Mon, Mar-209:00 pmStoney's13 - 2GKSSA Rust Removers
M80*Mon, Mar-2010:00 pmTom's Place5 - 6JKL Rangers
K140Tue, Mar-2110:00 pmPilot House LCFC I7 - 0Alehouse Benfica