GKSSA - 2018 Outdoor Schedule

Rescheduled Games

– upcoming games that were previously scheduled for a different date, time, or field

Rescheduled Date and FieldWas at
B5CFB KingstonGrizzly'sTue, May-29 @ 6:30 pmBarr Homes 3Tue, May-29 @ 6:30 PM

Cataraqui III's regular season games

Game Date ↑ Time Field Home   Visitors
C3Mon, May-216:30 pmJohn Machin TurfCataraqui III0 - 3Progress Physio
C7Mon, May-286:30 pmBarr Homes 4Jimmy's Sports Lounge SCvs.Cataraqui III
C11Mon, Jun-046:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui IIIvs.Cancoil Benfica
C13Mon, Jun-118:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui IIIvs.Glasgow SC
C18Mon, Jun-188:30 pmJohn Machin TurfRemax Unitedvs.Cataraqui III
C23Mon, Jun-256:30 pmBarr Homes 4Cataraqui IIIvs.Valhalla II
C26Mon, Jul-028:30 pmJohn Machin TurfWTC Red Housevs.Cataraqui III
C31Mon, Jul-098:30 pmWoodbine 4Progress Physiovs.Cataraqui III
C35Mon, Jul-166:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui IIIvs.Jimmy's Sports Lounge SC
C40Mon, Jul-236:30 pmBarr Homes 2Cancoil Benficavs.Cataraqui III
C41Mon, Jul-306:30 pmWoodbine 4Glasgow SCvs.Cataraqui III
C46Mon, Aug-068:30 pmWoodbine 4Cataraqui IIIvs.Remax United
C51Mon, Aug-136:30 pmJohn Machin TurfValhalla IIvs.Cataraqui III
C54Mon, Aug-206:00 pmBarr Homes 3Cataraqui IIIvs.WTC Red House