GKSSA - 2017-18 Indoor Schedule
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All Competitions

Game Date ↑ Time Field Home Score Visitors
M1Thu, Jan-047:00 pmKTI 4iWire2 - 5Skeleton Park Rangers
M2Thu, Jan-048:00 pmKTI 4Sousa Ready Mix7 - 2WTC Red House
O1Mon, Jan-087:00 pmKTI 3Boca Nooners6 - 1Paradiso Pizza
O2Mon, Jan-087:00 pmKTI 4Grizzly's0 - 8The Keg Steakhouse
O3Mon, Jan-088:00 pmKTI 3AIC1 - 10Tony's Pizza
O4Mon, Jan-088:00 pmKTI 4Advantage Pools and Home4 - 2Limestone City FC
M3Thu, Jan-117:00 pmKTI 4iWire2 - 4Sousa Ready Mix
M4Thu, Jan-118:00 pmKTI 4Skeleton Park Rangers2 - 2WTC Red House
O5Mon, Jan-157:00 pmKTI 4Grizzly's0 - 7Boca Nooners
O6Mon, Jan-157:00 pmKTI 3The Keg Steakhouse0 - 0Paradiso Pizza
O7Mon, Jan-158:00 pmKTI 4Advantage Pools and Home5 - 2AIC
O8Mon, Jan-158:00 pmKTI 3Limestone City FC2 - 2Tony's Pizza
M5Thu, Jan-187:00 pmKTI 4Skeleton Park Rangers2 - 7Sousa Ready Mix
M6Thu, Jan-188:00 pmKTI 4WTC Red House3 - 0iWire
M7Thu, Jan-257:00 pmKTI 4WTC Red House2 - 0Sousa Ready Mix
M8Thu, Jan-258:00 pmKTI 4Skeleton Park Rangers1 - 1iWire
O10*Mon, Jan-297:00 pmKTI 4Paradiso Pizza1 - 0Grizzly's
O9*Mon, Jan-297:00 pmKTI 3Boca Nooners4 - 0The Keg Steakhouse
O11*Mon, Jan-298:00 pmKTI 3Tony's Pizza1 - 3Advantage Pools and Home
O12*Mon, Jan-298:00 pmKTI 4AIC4 - 4Limestone City FC
M9Thu, Feb-017:00 pmKTI 4Sousa Ready Mix3 - 0iWire
M10Thu, Feb-018:00 pmKTI 4WTC Red House1 - 0Skeleton Park Rangers
O13Mon, Feb-057:00 pmKTI 4AIC1 - 10Boca Nooners
O14Mon, Feb-057:00 pmKTI 3Tony's Pizza1 - 1Paradiso Pizza
O15Mon, Feb-058:00 pmKTI 4Advantage Pools and Home2 - 0Grizzly's
O16Mon, Feb-058:00 pmKTI 3Limestone City FC3 - 2The Keg Steakhouse
M11Thu, Feb-087:00 pmKTI 4iWire1 - 5WTC Red House
M12 (f)Thu, Feb-088:00 pmKTI 4Sousa Ready Mix3 - 0Skeleton Park Rangers
O17Mon, Feb-127:00 pmKTI 3Boca Nooners2 - 1Tony's Pizza
O18Mon, Feb-127:00 pmKTI 4Paradiso Pizza6 - 0AIC
O19Mon, Feb-128:00 pmKTI 3The Keg Steakhouse1 - 3Advantage Pools and Home
O20Mon, Feb-128:00 pmKTI 4Grizzly's0 - 3Limestone City FC
M13Thu, Feb-157:00 pmKTI 4iWire1 - 1Skeleton Park Rangers
M14Thu, Feb-158:00 pmKTI 4Sousa Ready Mix5 - 2WTC Red House
O21Mon, Feb-197:00 pmKTI 4Advantage Pools and Home2 - 3Boca Nooners
O22Mon, Feb-197:00 pmKTI 3Tony's Pizza7 - 1Grizzly's
O23Mon, Feb-198:00 pmKTI 4AIC1 - 2The Keg Steakhouse
O24Mon, Feb-198:00 pmKTI 3Limestone City FC3 - 2Paradiso Pizza
M15Thu, Feb-227:00 pmKTI 4Skeleton Park Rangers0 - 6WTC Red House
M16Thu, Feb-228:00 pmKTI 4iWire1 - 3Sousa Ready Mix
O25Mon, Feb-267:00 pmKTI 3Paradiso Pizza1 - 4Advantage Pools and Home
O26Mon, Feb-267:00 pmKTI 4Grizzly's3 - 1AIC
O27Mon, Feb-268:00 pmKTI 3The Keg Steakhouse0 - 0Tony's Pizza
O28Mon, Feb-268:00 pmKTI 4Boca Nooners0 - 1Limestone City FC
M17Thu, Mar-017:00 pmKTI 4WTC Red House3 - 1iWire
M18Thu, Mar-018:00 pmKTI 4Skeleton Park Rangers0 - 7Sousa Ready Mix
A1*Mon, Mar-057:00 pmKTI 1Advantage Pools and Home1 - 1Limestone City FC
B1*Mon, Mar-057:00 pmKTI 2Paradiso Pizza1 - 0Grizzly's
A2*Mon, Mar-058:00 pmKTI 1Tony's Pizza2 - 2Boca Nooners
B2*Mon, Mar-058:00 pmKTI 2AIC2 - 9The Keg Steakhouse
M19Thu, Mar-087:00 pmKTI 4WTC Red House0 - 7Sousa Ready Mix
M20Thu, Mar-088:00 pmKTI 4Skeleton Park Rangers1 - 0iWire
A3*Mon, Mar-127:00 pmKTI 4Boca Nooners1 - 1Limestone City FC
B3*Mon, Mar-127:00 pmKTI 3The Keg Steakhouse9 - 1Grizzly's
A4*Mon, Mar-128:00 pmKTI 4Advantage Pools and Home0 - 2Tony's Pizza
B4*Mon, Mar-128:00 pmKTI 3Paradiso Pizza5 - 4AIC
A5Mon, Mar-197:00 pmKTI 3Boca Nooners3 - 0Advantage Pools and Home
B5Mon, Mar-197:00 pmKTI 4The Keg Steakhouse5 - 1Paradiso Pizza
A6Mon, Mar-198:00 pmKTI 3Limestone City FC2 - 3Tony's Pizza
B6Mon, Mar-198:00 pmKTI 4Grizzly's2 - 3AIC
A7Mon, Mar-267:00 pmKTI 3Boca Nooners1 - 1Limestone City FC
Penalty Kicks(3 - 4)
B7Mon, Mar-267:00 pmKTI 4The Keg Steakhouse5 - 1Grizzly's
A8Mon, Mar-268:00 pmKTI 3Advantage Pools and Home1 - 0Tony's Pizza
B8Mon, Mar-268:00 pmKTI 4Paradiso Pizza3 - 5AIC
M23Thu, Mar-297:00 pmKTI 4Sousa Ready Mix5 - 3Skeleton Park Rangers
M24Thu, Mar-298:00 pmKTI 4iWire2 - 2WTC Red House
A9Mon, Apr-027:00 pmKTI 3Boca Nooners0 - 0Tony's Pizza
Penalty Kicks(2 - 3)
B9Mon, Apr-027:00 pmKTI 4Grizzly's2 - 5Paradiso Pizza
A10Mon, Apr-028:00 pmKTI 3Limestone City FC0 - 0Advantage Pools and Home
Penalty Kicks(7 - 8)
B10Mon, Apr-028:00 pmKTI 4The Keg Steakhouse7 - 2AIC
M21*Thu, Apr-057:00 pmKTI 4WTC Red House2 - 0Skeleton Park Rangers
M22*Thu, Apr-058:00 pmKTI 4Sousa Ready Mix6 - 0iWire