GKSSA - 2017 Outdoor News

2017 AGM Date

The GKSSA annual general meeting will be held Monday, November 27th at 7pm at the Invista Centre in Hall C (main floor). This is the meeting room on the right hand side of the building as you enter from the main lobby.

The agenda can be found online.

Nathalie Cave Champions

Cancoil Benfica

Nathalie Cave Memorial Cup Champions

Congratulations to Cancoil Benfica for winning the Nathalie Cave Memorial Cup 4-0 against Glasgow SC.

>N Cancoil Benfica’s cup games

Nathalie Cave tournament

The Nathalie Cave Memorial Cup Tournament is being played this coming weekend. Round robin games (Saturday) do not require winners. Games involving Group A (Cotswold Home Inspection, Glasgow SC, Valhalla II) will be 2x35 minute matches, while Group B games will be 2x25 minutes.

Sunday matches (semi-finals and finals) require a winner and will be 2x30 minute halves, followed by, if required, 2x10 minutes of extra time, and kicks from the mark.

The top two teams from each group will advance to the semi-finals, and the tie-break formula is as follows:

Red House FC Win Fair Play Award

Red House FC

Fair Play Award winners

Congratulations to Red House FC of Division D for winning the Fair Play Award. Red House FC accumulated five cautions in regular season play, and five in total.

2017 Playoff Winners

On Sunday, Aug-27, the A & B divisions played their playoff championship games, while on Sep-17, the C & D divisions played theirs. Each of the matches were played at the Barr Homes Soccerplex. Congratulations to our 2017 playoff winners!

Portuguese Benfica

Division A Playoff Champions

Congratulations to Portuguese Benfica for winning the Division A playoff championship match 3-3 (7-6 after kicks) against Limestone City FC.

>A Portuguese Benfica’s playoff games

The Keg FC

Division B Playoff Champions

Congratulations to The Keg FC for winning the Division B playoff championship match 3-1 against Valhalla.

>B The Keg FC’s playoff games

Cancoil Benfica

Division C Playoff Champions

Congratulations to Cancoil Benfica for winning the Division C playoff championship match 2-0 against CFB Kingston.

>C Cancoil Benfica’s playoff games


Division D Playoff Champions

Congratulations to AIC for winning the Division D playoff championship match 1-0 against Cataraqui III.

>D AIC’s playoff games

Mobile friendly website

Over the past three years, mobiles visits to the GKSSA website have gone from less than 10% of all traffic to almost 75% of traffic. As such, an emphasis has been put on making the website more mobile friendly over the last few months. The site should be quite responsive on mobile devices, and still quite usable on desktops and larger tablets.

If you see any unexpected behaviour, bugs, or other oddities, please let the know.

2017 Regular Season Champions

Congratulations to our divisional regular season champions. Well done!

Portuguese Benfica

Division A League Champions

Congratulations to Portuguese Benfica for winning the regular season in Division A with 36 points. Benfica's 12-0-3 record was two points better than Kingston Hot Fire's 11-1-3 record.

>A Portuguese Benfica’s regular season games

Cataraqui II

Division B League Champions

Congratulations to Cataraqui II for winning the regular season in Division B with 37 points. They finished a huge ten points ahead of second-place The Keg FC on the strength of a 12-1-1 record.

>B Cataraqui II’s regular season games

CFB Kingston

Division C League Champions

Congratulations to CFB Kingston for winning the regular season in Division C with 37 points. With a 12-1-1 record, CFB Kingston finished 8 points ahead of Cancoil Benfica's 9-2-3 record

>C CFB Kingston’s regular season games

Cataraqui III

Division D League Champions

Congratulations to Cataraqui III for winning the regular season in Division D with 34 points. Cataraqui III finished 8 points ahead of Cotswold Home Inspection with an 11-1-2 record on the season.

>D Cataraqui III’s regular season games

Playoff format

As the A and B divisions have now wrapped up, playoffs for those two divisions begin next week. As usual, each game requires a winner.

For quarter-final and semi-final matches, if the game is tied at the end of regulation, the game shall proceed directly to kicks from the mark (no extra time).

The finals (and ONLY the finals), if tied at the end of regulation, will have two full 10-minute halves of extra time (no golden goal), with kicks from the mark to follow if the match is still tied at the end of those two time periods.

Good luck to all!

Cup Tournament and Indoor Season

The GKSSA is in beginning phases of planning a tournament style cup format – we are looking at the last few weekends of September. The format will be determined by those who register. The city field costs and Ontario Soccer fee increases (including officials costs/scheduling costs) for the regular season were higher than expected. As a result, there will be an entry fee for the cups (costs of officials and field lining costs at BHS). A registration date and cost will be announced shortly.

We are again looking into running an indoor season. We are looking at a variety of different configurations and schedule length to ensure maximum value. The rates at the dome, officials, and Ontario Soccer registration fees have all increased. This will mean an increase in overall team costs – likely a few hundred dollars more than last season. A registration date and a cost will be announced shortly.

Playoff Schedule online

The playoff schedule is now online. Divisions A and B start Tuesday, August 22, and wrap up with finals on Sunday, August 27, while the C and D playoffs begin Monday, September 11, wrapping up on Sunday, September 17.

Tournaments and Fields

A few things to note as the season has begun:

Summary of Law changes

As many know, there are new Laws in place for this year's season, and a number of these change the way that the game is played. IFAB, the maintainers of the Laws of the Game, put together a brief document explaining changes that affect players and coaches.

Note that not all of these changes apply to the recreational level games we have in the GKSSA.

CFB Kingston field

Please note that the CFB Kingston field this year is the Hospital Field as McNaughton is currently unavailable for use.

Enter the base at the same location (Hwy 2, north side, opposide McDonald’s). Follow the road around to the right, past the parking lot and turn left at the first intersection. Follow that road straight, around some buildings, and you will see the Hospital Field off to the right beside a softball diamond.

GKSSA Board Changes

Effective today, Alex Fletcher has stepped down from the role of Discipline Chair and become a Director-At-Large on the GKSSA Board. Adam Hu nt is taking over the position, vacating his Director-At-Large position to step into the role of Discipline Chair. Thanks to Alex for his work in this role, and best of luck to Adam moving forward.

2016-17 team name changes

As happens each season, there are some new teams and some teams that change names. This is intended to be a short listing of each.

2016-17 indoor season archived

As we prepare for the upcoming outdoor season, the 2016-17 indoor season has now been archived.

The outdoor teams have been populated, but not all information may be correct at this point in time. The schedule will be finalized as the season approaches.

If you are in charge of a team and information is incorrect (name, shirt colours, sponsors, contacts, etc), please send an email with the required information to GKSSA Statistician .

Upcoming referee courses

There are four entry level referee courses coming soon in the SOSA district. If you are interested in becoming a referee, here are the details:

To register, go to: RefCentre and select "SOSA" in the "Select District" dropdown.

2017 Outdoor Registration

Team registration for the outdoor 2017 season will take place March 30th from 6-7pm at the Gardiner's Road Boston Pizza (bar side). At this time, a deposit cheque of $500 will be due. Failure to meet the March 30th deadline may jeopardize your spot in the league.

This registration meeting will determine a team’s placement and what availability we might have to accommodate new teams.

The Spring meeting will take place during the week of April 24th. An exact date and time will be announced shortly. At the spring meeting the remainder of the team fees will be due. The exact amount will be no less than last years fees.