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Player Statistics for Brad Carruthers

team uniform Boca Nooners

A1 Kingston Portuguese  3
Boca Nooners  0
Wednesday, May.18 06:30 PM
Markers Acres
Yellow Card   87'Y1 - guilty of unsporting behaviour
A19 Boca Nooners  4
Portsmouth Celtic FC  0
Wednesday, Jun.29 08:30 PM
W J Henderson
A22 Boca Nooners  2
Kingston Portuguese  1
Wednesday, Jul.06 06:30 PM
Barr Homes 4
Yellow Card   33'Y1 - guilty of unsporting behaviour
A26 Boca Nooners  4
Glenhaven United  2
Wednesday, Jul.13 06:30 PM
Barr Homes 4
A35 Cataraqui I  1
Boca Nooners  5
Wednesday, Aug.03 08:30 PM
W J Henderson
A40 Portsmouth Celtic FC  2
Boca Nooners  8
Wednesday, Aug.17 08:30 PM
W J Henderson
A48 Boca Nooners  0
Soccer Plus FC  4
Sunday, Aug.28 04:00 PM
Barr Homes 3
Yellow Card   75'Y1 - guilty of unsporting behaviour

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