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Player Statistics for Anthony Salamone

team uniform AIC

D1 First Responders FC  6
AIC  0
Monday, May.16 06:30 PM
Willie Pratt
Yellow Card   71'Y1 - guilty of unsporting behaviour
D21 AIC  0
CFB Kingston  5
Tuesday, Jun.28 06:30 PM
CFB Kingston
Yellow Card   56'Y1 - guilty of unsporting behaviour
D29 Atletico FC  1
AIC  4
Monday, Jul.18 08:30 PM
John Machin Turf
Yellow Card   64'Y1 - guilty of unsporting behaviour
D32 AIC  2
Chez Piggy FC  5
Monday, Jul.25 06:30 PM
Barr Homes 2
D37 AIC  2
First Responders FC  2
Monday, Aug.08 06:00 PM
Barr Homes 4
Yellow Card   90'Y2 - showed dissent by word or action

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