Call-Up & Trial Players

Call-Up & Trial Players in the GKSSA

Revised May, 2012

In the 2005 Outdoor Season the GKSSA introduced a system for teams being able to use additional GKSSA players on a trial basis. Similar systems have been used by both the ERSL and some of the local youth leagues. In 2007, based on experiences of the previous two seasons, the trial player process was changed in a couple of significant ways. It was further changed, and renamed, in 2011.


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Call-Up Rules

  1. A call-up player must be a registered player in good standing with the GKSSA and the OSA.
    • Being in good standing includes, but is not limited to, the player not being under suspension.
    • The player must be registered with a GKSSA team in a lower division. (For example, KUSC teams do not have automatic access to any player registered with the KUSC club. Only GKSSA-registered players are eligible.)
  2. A call-up player may only play in divisions higher than his own.
  3. A call-up player may only participate with one team per division each season.
  4. A player may play a maximum of two call-up games per season with another team without being obliged to complete a full transfer to that team.
  5. A player may play a maximum of three call-up games per season. If a player plays all three call-up games with the same team, that player is considered to have made a full transfer to that team at no additional cost. In this case, the “automatic full transfer” is not subject to the deadline date for regular player transfers. To be eligible for the playoffs, the player must have made the transfer four weeks before the final regular season game.
  6. A call-up player must have his completed player card or OSA player book with him at all games for purposes of identification.
  7. A card received by a call-up player is treated as any other card and contributes to that player’s seasonal total (regardless of division).
  8. A team may use a maximum of three call-up players per game.
  9. There is no seasonal limit on the number of call-ups a team may use.
  10. The application for a call-up must be received by both the GKSSA Statistician and Registrar by noon of the day of the call-up game. This may all be done by .
    • The application must clearly indicate the teams, game(s), date(s), and player(s) involved (typically, this is simply a copy of the email the requesting manager makes to the manager of the team that has the GKSSA registered player who will be playing on the call-up).
    • The application must include an email from the player’s regular team coach or manager authorizing the player(s) to play.
    • If making the application by email, after the authorizing manager has granted permission for the player to play on a call-up, the requesting manager need only forward the completed email thread to the GKSSA Registrar and Statistician.
  11. Call-up players cannot be used for Cup games or Playoff games.
  12. There is no fee for call-ups.
  13. The call-up player must be listed on the gamesheet and must be marked as CALL-UP.

Call-Up Example

Terry plays defense with Italia 06 (C Division). Marcello Lippi, a friend of Terry’s, discovers that the Azzurri Blue (A Division) will be short players, but wants to field a team to play a game and asks Terry to play up with their team for a game. Terry agrees and both the Azzurri Blue and Italia 06 team reps forward an email to the GKSSA Registrar and Statistician informing them of this most important call up. With all the paper work completed, Terry plays the game. That means that he has now “played up” once, and can no longer play with any other team in the A division on a call-up.

Roberto Donadoni, of Forza Italia (B Division), hearing of Terry’s goal scoring prowess with the Azzurri Blue, asks Terry to give a run with them. Terry, seeing more goals on the horizon, does so again with all the paper work filled accordingly. That is his second game as a call-up, and now he can no longer play with any other team in the B Division on a call-up.

Terry now has one more game where he is eligible to play up this season, and it can be with either the Azzurri Blue (A) or Forza Italia (B). In both cases, it would be his third (and final) time to play outside of his division, but would only be the second game with either team, thus he would not make an automatic full transfer. Therefore, after using his final call-up, Terry remains free to stay with his current team, or do a full transfer to any GKSSA team (assuming all conditions of that process can be met).

Trial Player Rules

  1. Trial players will be put into a pool accessible to all teams.
  2. Trial players may only be used until August 1st.
  3. A player may play a maximum of three trial games per season, but if that player plays two trial games with the same team, the player is considered to have become a full player on that team.
  4. Trial players may play with up to three different teams, regardless of division, per season.
  5. Trial players accumulate cards and suspensions as per any other player. If a trial player is dismissed from a game, each game suspended counts as a game played on the player's trial permit.
  6. Trial players must pay the trial fee to the GKSSA Registrar to be added to the player pool.
  7. The trial player must be listed on the gamesheet and must be marked as TRIAL.

Guest Players used this season

The GKSSA maintains an automatic listing of all guest players (Trial and Call-Up) used throughout each season.