GKSSA - 2014-15 Indoor News

2014-15 Indoor Regular Season Champions

Portuguese Benfica

Division A League Champions

Congratulations to Portuguese Benfica for winning the regular season in Division A with 54 points. Portuguese Benfica had a strong 18-0-3 record, six points ahead of Kingston Hot Fire.

>A Portuguese Benfica’s regular season games

Westend Dental

Division B League Champions

Congratulations to Westend Dental for winning the regular season in Division B with 35 points. They finished 4 points ahead of Remax United.

>B Westend Dental’s regular season games

AS Roma Sr

Division M League Champions

Congratulations to AS Roma Sr for winning the regular season in Division M with 48 points. AS Roma Sr held a great 16-0-2 record, two points ahead of Valhalla's 15-1-2 record.

>M AS Roma Sr’s regular season games

Reminders for the KTI Dome

Your team’s cooperation for responsible use of the Kingston Thousands Islands Sportsplex is appreciated and required for our continued use of the facility. Remember…

2014-15 Indoor Season

The GKSSA 2014-15 Indoor Season started Monday, October 6th at the Kingston 1000 Islands Sportsplex.

As of this writing, the on-line team information is incomplete, but that will be changing shortly.

The match schedule is now on-line. For the Open Division, we just have the games scheduled through December on-line. In January, this division will split into two groups, each with six teams.