GKSSA - Contacts for the 2009-10 Indoor Season

This page is an archived snapshot of history.
The people on this page may no longer be associated with the league or teams listed below.
Please do not contact them about league inquiries unless they are listed on the current contact page.

GKSSA Board of Directors

A Division Teams
Bridal CreationsSteve MuranoN/A
Cataraqui ICiaran BoyleN/A
FanaticsMark AllenN/A
Lone Star FCBradly SavoryN/A
Pilot House LCFC IHenk KuchleinN/A
Portuguese BenficaJames BrancoN/A
Portuguese CanadiansEddie MacedoN/A
Vita Inter SCPietro CutronaN/A

B Division Teams
Brandees ISpiro SakellN/A
Brandees SCJim PrichardN/A
Cancoil BenficaVivek DattaN/A
Draught HouseMike KurcN/A
Iron Duke FCChris AdamsonN/A
KPFCCurtis BorelN/A
MavericksCory GregN/A
MyBarPeter StroudN/A
Ryatt United SCMike BryantN/A
The KegRyan HoushN/A

C Division Teams
Ale HouseBob MachinN/A
CataraquiDavid BakhurstN/A
Coffey'sGeorge MilonasN/A
Garofalo BrosN/A
SLC AlumniTerry BagnariolN/A
ThunderNancy HoopleN/A

M Division Teams
Belleville HellenicsIke ChristopherN/A
Cataraqui NinjasBernie HarpellN/A
FC PortoAbel AlmeidaN/A
iWireSeamus RyanN/A
JKL RangersMark PragerN/A
RE/MAX MastersLuca AndolfattoN/A
RoversPaul BewsN/A
Rust RemoversPaul MacLatchyN/A
Skeleton Park RangersHuw Lloyd-EllisN/A
ValhallaBrian DrewN/A

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