GKSSA - 2007-08 Indoor Schedule
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C Division Games

Game Date ↓ Time Field Home Score Visitors
C78Sun, Apr-2712:00 pmQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers1 - 0Cataraqui
C76Sun, Apr-2711:00 amQS1Thunder1 - 2LCFC Rebels
C77Sun, Apr-2710:00 amQS1TLC United0 - 2Fifth Element
C73Sun, Apr-2012:00 pmQS1Thunder8 - 4TLC United
C75Sun, Apr-2011:00 amQS1Cataraqui7 - 2Fifth Element
C74Sun, Apr-2010:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers3 - 7LCFC Rebels
C72Sun, Apr-1311:00 amQS1LCFC Rebels1 - 1Fifth Element
C71Sun, Apr-1310:00 amQS1TLC United3 - 6Cataraqui
C70Sun, Apr-139:00 amQS1Thunder0 - 1SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C69Sun, Mar-3011:00 amQS1LCFC Rebels4 - 1TLC United
C68Sun, Mar-3010:00 amQS1Fifth Element1 - 8SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C67Sun, Mar-309:00 amQS1Thunder1 - 6Cataraqui
C65Sun, Mar-0911:00 amQS1Cataraqui1 - 2LCFC Rebels
C66Sun, Mar-0910:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers2 - 3TLC United
C64Sun, Mar-099:00 amQS1Fifth Element0 - 0Thunder
C61Sun, Mar-0211:00 amQS1Thunder6 - 4LCFC Rebels
C63Sun, Mar-0210:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers2 - 1Cataraqui
C62Sun, Mar-029:00 amQS1TLC United2 - 0Fifth Element
C60Sun, Feb-2411:00 amQS1Fifth Element0 - 3Cataraqui
C58Sun, Feb-2410:00 amQS1TLC United2 - 6Thunder
C59Sun, Feb-249:00 amQS1LCFC Rebels1 - 2SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C57Sun, Feb-1711:00 amQS1Fifth Element0 - 3LCFC Rebels
C55Sun, Feb-1710:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers3 - 1Thunder
C56Sun, Feb-179:00 amQS1Cataraqui2 - 0TLC United
C52Sun, Feb-1011:00 amQS1Cataraqui2 - 4Thunder
C53Sun, Feb-1010:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers5 - 0Fifth Element
C54Sun, Feb-109:00 amQS1TLC United1 - 3LCFC Rebels
C49Sun, Feb-0311:00 amQS1Thunder4 - 0Fifth Element
C50Sun, Feb-0310:00 amQS1LCFC Rebels3 - 1Cataraqui
C51Sun, Feb-039:00 amQS1TLC United0 - 4SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C48Sun, Jan-2711:00 amQS1Cataraqui1 - 2SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C46Sun, Jan-2710:00 amQS1LCFC Rebels5 - 3Thunder
C47Sun, Jan-279:00 amQS1Fifth Element4 - 2TLC United
C43Sun, Jan-2011:00 amQS1Thunder5 - 1TLC United
C45Sun, Jan-2010:00 amQS1Cataraqui1 - 0Fifth Element
C44Sun, Jan-209:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers1 - 3LCFC Rebels
C41Sun, Jan-1311:00 amQS1Fifth Element2 - 5SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C42Sun, Jan-1310:00 amQS1LCFC Rebels4 - 0TLC United
C40Sun, Jan-139:00 amQS1Thunder4 - 1Cataraqui
C39Sun, Jan-0611:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers3 - 2TLC United
C38Sun, Jan-0610:00 amQS1Cataraqui1 - 2LCFC Rebels
C37Sun, Jan-069:00 amQS1Fifth Element0 - 3Thunder
C36Sun, Dec-3012:00 pmQS1Philthy McNasties4 - 2Fifth Element
C35Sun, Dec-3011:00 amQS1Thunder5 - 1Philthy McNasties
C34Sun, Dec-3010:00 amQS1TLC United2 - 5Cataraqui
C32Sun, Dec-1611:00 amQS1TLC United0 - 1Fifth Element
C33Sun, Dec-1610:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers3 - 2Cataraqui
C31* (f)Sun, Dec-169:00 amQS1Thunder3 - 0Philthy McNasties
C30Sun, Dec-0911:00 amQS1Fifth Element1 - 1Cataraqui
C28Sun, Dec-0910:00 amQS1TLC United1 - 3Thunder
C29Sun, Dec-099:00 amQS1Philthy McNasties4 - 6SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C25Sun, Dec-0211:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers1 - 3Thunder
C27 (f)Sun, Dec-0210:00 amQS1Fifth Element3 - 0Philthy McNasties
C26Sun, Dec-029:00 amQS1Cataraqui6 - 0TLC United
C24Sun, Nov-2511:00 amQS1TLC United1 - 4Philthy McNasties
C22Sun, Nov-2510:00 amQS1Cataraqui4 - 9Thunder
C23Sun, Nov-259:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers6 - 0Fifth Element
C21Sun, Nov-1111:00 amQS1TLC United0 - 5SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C19Sun, Nov-1110:00 amQS1Thunder13 - 3Fifth Element
C20Sun, Nov-119:00 amQS1Philthy McNasties2 - 3Cataraqui
C18Sun, Nov-0411:00 amQS1Cataraqui1 - 3SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C16Sun, Nov-0410:00 amQS1Philthy McNasties0 - 12Thunder
C17Sun, Nov-049:00 amQS1Fifth Element3 - 1TLC United
C13Sun, Oct-2811:00 amQS1Thunder6 - 1TLC United
C14Sun, Oct-2810:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers9 - 1Philthy McNasties
C15Sun, Oct-289:00 amQS1Cataraqui4 - 0Fifth Element
C12Sun, Oct-2111:00 amQS1Philthy McNasties4 - 2Fifth Element
C11Sun, Oct-2110:00 amQS1TLC United0 - 3Cataraqui
C10Sun, Oct-219:00 amQS1Thunder2 - 5SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C9Sun, Oct-1411:00 amQS1Philthy McNasties3 - 2TLC United
C8Sun, Oct-1410:00 amQS1Fifth Element0 - 6SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C7Sun, Oct-149:00 amQS1Thunder12 - 3Cataraqui
C6Sun, Oct-0712:00 pmQS1Fifth Element0 - 11Thunder
C5Sun, Oct-0711:00 amQS1Cataraqui3 - 1Philthy McNasties
C4Sun, Oct-0710:00 amQS1SLC Alumni & Leftovers4 - 1TLC United
C3Sun, Sep-3012:00 pmQS1Cataraqui2 - 6SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C2Sun, Sep-3011:00 amQS1Thunder6 - 2SLC Alumni & Leftovers
C1Sun, Sep-3010:00 amQS1TLC United3 - 2Fifth Element