GKSSA - 2007-08 Indoor Schedule
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A Division Games

Game Date ↓ Time Field Home Score Visitors
A104Sun, Apr-134:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC3 - 5Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A102Sun, Apr-133:00 pmQS1Soccer International3 - 3LCFC U21
A103Sun, Apr-132:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC1 - 4Portuguese Benfica
A101Sun, Apr-131:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC3 - 1KCPA
A105Sun, Apr-1312:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia3 - 5Bridal Creations FC
A98Sun, Mar-304:00 pmQS1LCFC U212 - 4Pilot House LCFC
A96Sun, Mar-303:00 pmQS1Soccer International2 - 6Vita Inter SC
A100Sun, Mar-302:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo4 - 3Bridal Creations FC
A97Sun, Mar-301:00 pmQS1KCPA3 - 4ihMyBar SC
A99Sun, Mar-3012:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica2 - 2Calabria Italia
A93Sun, Mar-094:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia5 - 0KCPA
A92Sun, Mar-093:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC6 - 4Soccer International
A91Sun, Mar-092:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC4 - 1ihMyBar SC
A95Sun, Mar-091:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo5 - 7Portuguese Benfica
A94Sun, Mar-0912:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC9 - 6LCFC U21
A86Sun, Mar-024:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC5 - 5Vita Inter SC
A87Sun, Mar-023:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC1 - 4Calabria Italia
A90Sun, Mar-022:00 pmQS1LCFC U211 - 6Portuguese Benfica
A88Sun, Mar-021:00 pmQS1Soccer International2 - 5Bridal Creations FC
A89Sun, Mar-0212:00 pmQS1KCPA2 - 7Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A85Sun, Feb-244:00 pmQS1LCFC U213 - 2KCPA
A83Sun, Feb-243:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo5 - 4ihMyBar SC
A81Sun, Feb-242:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC3 - 2Calabria Italia
A84Sun, Feb-241:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica4 - 2Soccer International
A82Sun, Feb-2412:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC8 - 0Pilot House LCFC
A19*Sun, Feb-175:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC3 - 2ihMyBar SC
A72*Sun, Feb-174:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica2 - 2Bridal Creations FC
A71*Sun, Feb-173:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC2 - 6Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A74*Sun, Feb-172:00 pmQS1KCPA2 - 4Pilot House LCFC
A73*Sun, Feb-171:00 pmQS1LCFC U210 - 3Calabria Italia
A18*Sun, Feb-1712:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo9 - 0Soccer International
A76*Sun, Feb-104:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC13 - 2Vita Inter SC
A78*Sun, Feb-103:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC3 - 6Portuguese Benfica
A77*Sun, Feb-102:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia4 - 5Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A80*Sun, Feb-101:00 pmQS1Soccer International4 - 0KCPA
A79*Sun, Feb-1012:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC2 - 4LCFC U21
A70Sun, Feb-034:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC6 - 2ihMyBar SC
A68Sun, Feb-033:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC11 - 0KCPA
A66Sun, Feb-032:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica3 - 1Vita Inter SC
A67Sun, Feb-031:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo7 - 4LCFC U21
A69Sun, Feb-0312:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia6 - 1Soccer International
A63Sun, Jan-274:00 pmQS1Soccer International0 - 8Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A61Sun, Jan-273:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC5 - 1LCFC U21
A65Sun, Jan-272:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC0 - 1Calabria Italia
A64Sun, Jan-271:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC2 - 6Bridal Creations FC
A62Sun, Jan-2712:00 pmQS1KCPA0 - 4Portuguese Benfica
A60Sun, Jan-204:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC7 - 4Calabria Italia
A58Sun, Jan-203:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica9 - 0ihMyBar SC
A57Sun, Jan-202:00 pmQS1LCFC U213 - 5Soccer International
A59Sun, Jan-201:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo3 - 1Pilot House LCFC
A56Sun, Jan-2012:00 pmQS1KCPA0 - 6Vita Inter SC
A52Sun, Jan-134:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC5 - 0KCPA
A53Sun, Jan-133:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC2 - 1LCFC U21
A55Sun, Jan-132:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC1 - 7Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A54Sun, Jan-131:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia1 - 2Portuguese Benfica
A51Sun, Jan-1312:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC3 - 3Soccer International
A48Sun, Jan-064:00 pmQS1KCPA1 - 2Calabria Italia
A47Sun, Jan-063:00 pmQS1Soccer International4 - 1Pilot House LCFC
A49Sun, Jan-062:00 pmQS1LCFC U214 - 5Bridal Creations FC
A46Sun, Jan-061:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC2 - 5Vita Inter SC
A50Sun, Jan-0612:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica5 - 3Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A45Sun, Dec-164:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica5 - 0LCFC U21
A44Sun, Dec-163:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo4 - 0KCPA
A42Sun, Dec-162:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia3 - 3ihMyBar SC
A43Sun, Dec-161:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC8 - 4Soccer International
A41Sun, Dec-1612:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC4 - 2Pilot House LCFC
A39Sun, Dec-094:00 pmQS1Soccer International2 - 6Portuguese Benfica
A37Sun, Dec-093:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC3 - 5Bridal Creations FC
A40Sun, Dec-092:00 pmQS1KCPA2 - 6LCFC U21
A36Sun, Dec-091:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia2 - 2Vita Inter SC
A38Sun, Dec-0912:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC2 - 7Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A32Sun, Dec-024:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo5 - 1Calabria Italia
A35Sun, Dec-023:00 pmQS1KCPA0 - 6Soccer International
A31Sun, Dec-022:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC3 - 4Bridal Creations FC
A34Sun, Dec-021:00 pmQS1LCFC U212 - 2ihMyBar SC
A33Sun, Dec-0212:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica1 - 3Pilot House LCFC
A27Sun, Nov-254:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC5 - 1Portuguese Benfica
A26Sun, Nov-253:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo7 - 1Vita Inter SC
A30Sun, Nov-252:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC0 - 1Soccer International
A29Sun, Nov-251:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC7 - 0KCPA
A28Sun, Nov-2512:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia4 - 2LCFC U21
A25Sun, Nov-114:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC0 - 7Pilot House LCFC
A24Sun, Nov-113:00 pmQS1Soccer International0 - 5Calabria Italia
A21Sun, Nov-112:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC0 - 4Portuguese Benfica
A22Sun, Nov-111:00 pmQS1LCFC U211 - 6Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A23Sun, Nov-1112:00 pmQS1KCPA3 - 9Bridal Creations FC
A16Sun, Nov-044:00 pmQS1LCFC U213 - 1Vita Inter SC
A17Sun, Nov-043:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica8 - 1KCPA
A75*Sun, Nov-042:00 pmQS1Soccer International3 - 0ihMyBar SC
A20Sun, Nov-0412:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia4 - 1Pilot House LCFC
A14Tue, Oct-309:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC0 - 4Estudiantes de la Jeugo
A15Sun, Oct-283:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia4 - 6Bridal Creations FC
A13Sun, Oct-282:00 pmQS1ihMyBar SC4 - 2Portuguese Benfica
A11Sun, Oct-281:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC8 - 0KCPA
A12Sun, Oct-2812:00 pmQS1Soccer International1 - 2LCFC U21
A6Sun, Oct-214:00 pmQS1Soccer International1 - 5Vita Inter SC
A7Sun, Oct-213:00 pmQS1KCPA0 - 3ihMyBar SC
A8Sun, Oct-212:00 pmQS1LCFC U211 - 2Pilot House LCFC
A9Sun, Oct-211:00 pmQS1Portuguese Benfica2 - 0Calabria Italia
A10Sun, Oct-2112:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo12 - 2Bridal Creations FC
A5Sun, Oct-147:00 pmQS1Estudiantes de la Jeugo2 - 1Portuguese Benfica
A4*Sun, Oct-146:00 pmQS1Bridal Creations FC7 - 2LCFC U21
A3Sun, Oct-142:00 pmQS1Calabria Italia5 - 1KCPA
A2Sun, Oct-141:00 pmQS1Pilot House LCFC2 - 0Soccer International
A1Sun, Oct-1412:00 pmQS1Vita Inter SC5 - 0ihMyBar SC