2007-08 Indoor Regular Season Champions

Estudiantes de la Jeugo

Division A League Champions

Congratulations to Estudiantes de la Jeugo for winning the regular season in Division A with 57 points. A 19-0-2 record gave Estidantes the win by five points over Bridal Creations FC.

>A Estudiantes de la Jeugo’s regular season games

Cancoil Benfica

Division B League Champions

Congratulations to Cancoil Benfica for winning the regular season in Division B with 53 points. Cancoil Benfica won by four points over Remax with their 17-2-2 record.

>B Cancoil Benfica’s regular season games

SLC Alumni & Leftovers

Division C League Champions

Congratulations to SLC Alumni & Leftovers for winning the regular season in Division C with 63 points. SLC Alumni & Leftovers took their 21-0-5 record to win the co-ed division by five points over Thunder.

>C SLC Alumni & Leftovers’s regular season games

Sousa Ready Mix

Division M League Champions

Congratulations to Sousa Ready Mix for winning the regular season in Division M with 55 points. Sousa Ready Mix claimed the Masters division by a point over Stoney's.

>M Sousa Ready Mix’s regular season games