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team uniform Paradiso Pizza

B Division

Results History P W D L F A GD Pts
14 7 1 6 37 24 13 22


Craig Neely

Sponsored by

Paradiso Pizza

 887 Division St, Kingston, ON • Ph: 613-548-7006


#Name goals clean sheets MVP yellow cards red cards suspensions
17Andrew Hault  
5Andrew Martin
9992CAustin Scott  
8Brandon Tedford  
4Brendan Lloyd   1
9990Chas Murphy 1  
20Chris Dorian  
9990Connor McCann 1  
22Craig Neely 1  
9996XDalton Turner 1   3 1 B6, B24
9996XDeclan McCann 1  
9992CEdward Scarpazza  
9990Eric Wattam 3
21Jarrett Lanzo  
10Luke Tricknell 5   1
13Mat Ferguson 1  
18Mazen Osman  
16Mike Armba   2
18Nolan Taylor 3
14Paul Ogunruku 2  
9990Peter Kani  
2Peter Reagan   1
9992CPharem Sarun  
9992CRyan Kiers  
!GKGKRyan Makasare 1   1
9992CRyan Williams  
16Simon Smith 1   B1
15Tyler Buller 18
16Tyler Cox 2
3Vincent Legault  
9992CWill Jackson  

Statistics shown are from regular season matches only.

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